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  1. I was at the Brisbane Australia show and was located inside the ring right up at the back. Now, I'm 21, and that was LOUD. The Edge's guitar when he hit those higher notes got so high pitched it was as though somebody was screaming in your ear. I think that did some damage (though I wasn't paranoid about losing my hearing last year) Now I am and I recent other show has left my with some sort of ringing in my ears and my right ear not as good as my left for well over a week after the show. I've bought earplugs and I don't care what people say I'm wearing them. I really do think earplugs should be sold at the venues or given away free for people to use. There is no worse feeling than the concert starting and the noise being so loud you know it's going to ruin your ears and you can't do anything about it.
  2. The reason I like good bands is because they're not taking the easy way out of making music, and by 'the easy way out', I mean making mindless synth music for a mindless teenage generation. Why do U2 have to venture this way?
  3. Not long to go, Brisbane!! The Sydney shows would have been epic to go to with that size stadium. I haven't even booked my return ticket, only worried about GETTING there haha. I laughed when my cousin said he bought a ticket to see Usher for $450 and I told him not even U2 Red Zones are near that. To which he replied "But nobody like's U2" and I replied "Yeah, you're right, the biggest and best rock band in the world. Nobody likes them"
  4. Prefer the old version for sure, it's dark but the music is so hopeful and uplifting at the same time. I think the only thing that might work against it is its length. I love 6 minutes of Mercy, but perhaps a little more condensed could be better. The live version is too short though.
  5. The Australian tour will definitely rock, I reckon we'll see some new songs there, or at least the songs they've been revealing will be a little more complete.
  6. They should sort of...I don't know...print them before they plan on giving them out. I mean, I knew I'd be waiting about 3 - 4 weeks, but surely I should have to wait until next year some time should I?
  7. I prefer the older version. You can still get into the new song, and it's good, but I think they polished it too much. The lyrics were outstanding on the original version, and the length of the versus was good. The pre chorus was something I miss as well. I think they just need to shorten the old version by about 30 seconds or a minute.
  8. I think they've stripped it down too much. I know it's not complete still and they're still playing with it, but they need to revert more to the original and just give it a light trim around the edges.
  9. It's finally here. U2 have been rehersing Mercy in Istanbul. :D Oh my god I'm so excited, I can't wait to hear it!
  10. "FEZ - Being Born" (to open the show) "Exit" linked to "Heartland" by Adam's bass. "Disappearing Act" "Drowning Man" "Mercy" "Acrobat" Some of these are impossible, but one can only try.
  11. Judging by the size of the stadiums, Melbourne and Sydney would have been great. But I couldn't ask my friend to go see them somewhere else if they're gonna be playing 5 minutes away from where he lives. I'm not happy about the whole Jay Z thing. I know people from Adelaide who said U2 suck, but they're going to go just to see Jay Z. I couldn't believe it. I was hoping some good ausie talent would tour with them even. But oh well.
  12. I think the $35 tickets are the worst seats in the house, all the way up the back and behind the stage.
  13. I was lucky enough to be included in the Boots group and I subscribed 2 nights ago. Any presale access is a great advantage + you get a CD.
  14. If you paid $50 to be a subscriber you get presale codes that entitle you to presale access. They went on sale for subscribers today, and then open to the general public on the 3rd of Sep.
  15. I bought my tickets. Me and my friend are going GA and gonna wait to get into the circle. I was told by my mum to spend big on the Red Zone, but I think they are a little overpriced. Sure it would be nice to be able to rock up whenever, plus be shown around a bit and enter through a different entrance. But I think being off to the side you get left out a little plus those bridges standing idle could get in the way. I think I'll try and stand back in the circle a bit so I can get a good view, don't have to break my neck looking up at that high stage all the time and still get to look at the screen above and look back at the runway. Anybody else going to the Brisbane show??
  16. Going with one friend who lives in Queensland. I live in Adelaide and nobody wanted to see them with me, they don't like U2. I can't believe their bad tastes. But my buddy in QLD is a mad fan too. I just want to know if getting up to that ring is better than being in the ring and being covered by the bridge.
  17. Mum just came into my room and said "go for red zone, they're your favourite band, you should" Now I don't know. Is it better to be in the ring or out on the sides in the red zone? Arrghh, such a desision before tomorrow.
  18. Every Breaking Wave reminds me of that Rattle and Hum - Achtung Baby era. Mercy I think is great. Sure it can be improved a little bit but I love the lyrics, even the length I don't mind. I don't care how it comes, as long as we get it.
  19. Both North Star and Every Breaking Wave have gotten to me on the first listen. They sound brilliant already. I really hope to have them on the album....along with Mercy I'm never letting that one die
  20. Cool. So you reckon having no bags will make things easier? I'm gonna wait around with my friend for a few hours I'd probably bring something to eat and drink, and maybe my Nintendo DS! Is it just a mad dash to the front once they open the gates? Will they let me in with a snapshot camera? Sorry for the questions, but this is actually my first concert ever! Glad it's U2.
  21. Yeah, I was like "WOW! $350, I dunno about that" From the pictures above it looks like you could get equally as close with general admission. I reckon $99 GA would be fine. I do plan on getting there really early to wait around. I can't see when the shows start though, however would 12pm be suffice? I wanna get right up there.
  22. Just looked up on Ticketek. The Red Zone is a special section around the stage. It's like a flippin' $350 though. Are Red Zone tickets worth the money? Cause it seems you can get General admission standing and get in the same position, or even in the circle! How do you even get into the circle?? Do you just rock up really really early? And is it good to be in the circle or better not to? So many questions, so little time before presale!!
  23. It looks like it's shaping to be a great and memorable song.
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