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  1. Brooklyn Cantina in John's Creek, GA is hosting the Atlanta U2 fan meet up. Sunday May 27, 2018 at 8:00 PM, the night before U2 takes the stage at Infinite Energy Center. U2 Tribute Band UZoo will play the hits, b-sides, and more. Don't miss the party, it's gonna be fun! Who knows, maybe Wild Horses will make this set list? Get your ticket today and find out: $10 pre-sale / $15 at the door. https://uzoo.rocks/2018-Atlanta-U2-Fan-Meetup #U2 #U2eiTour #U2eiTourAtlanta #Atlanta #UZoo UZoo Social Media: https://uzoo.rocks/YouTube http://uzoo.rocks/Facebook https://uzoo.rocks/Instagram http://uzoo.rocks/Twitter Brooklyn Cantina 9945 Jones Bridge Rd. Johns Creek, GA 30022 (770) 417-8335
  2. ... the pre-sale two-ticket limit for U2.com members (for the entire tour) was a poor decision. While I enjoy the U2.com membership renewal "gifts" each year, that is not why I pay for a membership. I purchase my membership each year to take advantage of pre-sale priority groups. However, for many of us, being devoted fans and members has not paid-off so well for the up-coming tour. I wanted to bring my wife and son to a NYC show, but I could only by two GA tickets during the pre-sale. Had I purchased a third ticket in the public sale, one of us would have been alone in a seat someplace, because all the GA tickets were sold out in the pre-sale. U2 keeps adding more shows and I'm locked out of those pre-sales, because I bought my allotment of two tickets. I would love to get two Denver tickets, but I have to wait until the public sale and chances are good that the GA tickets will be gone by then. Some may argue this change was an attempt to reduce ticket scalping, but that's a load of crap! Having all four tickets purchased with the same card, and having the cardholder present when entering the venue will make scalping somewhat difficult. Some have said the minimum has more to do with the tour being in arena's. I could see that being a valid issue ... if they didn't keep adding shows. U2.com should bring back the four ticket maximum for the member pre-sale. They should show some appreciation and commitment to those of us who have cashed out nearly $300 dollars in membership fees between tours to keep our memberships active, so that we can take advantage of priority groups such as eXPERIENCE. Just a thought for 2016 ... In addition to the nice renewal "gifts," U2.com should create these three priority groups as a way to reward membership renewals: » Group 1: Six ticket limit (for members 10+ years) » Group 2: Four ticket limit (for members 2 to 10 years) » Group 3: Two ticket limit (for new members up to 1 year)
  3. After 1.5 hours and 22 failed attempts, 4 on the iPhone app, I finally got two NYC GA tickets for Sun July 19. I wanted Saturday night, but by the time the site or app was working, the Saturday GA pre-sale tickets were sold out. I'm thankful I got some tickets but pissed off I missed out on Sat. July 18 in NYC. Thanks Ticketmaster for crap planning. How on earth does a company that big in that industry not make sure their servers can handle the load! Pathetic.
  4. Hoping to win a Songs of Innocence vinyl LP, here's a link to my #unforgettablegig. Pictures, videos and a crazy story. My Unforgettable Led Zeppelin Gigs – New York City, 1977
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