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  1. Landed at Lisbon airport today in the morning and saw the U2 Experience and Innocence private tour aircraft with tour logos painted on it. ?
  2. Tried to get pista tickets or red zone. No success...
  3. Just heard Invisible. I like it.
  4. It will be on the movie soundtrack coming out in December.
  5. Hello, username: mikkoyli-olli e-mail: mikko.yli-olli (at) pp DOT inet DOTfi I AM PAID SUBSCRIBER !!! 3 Problems: 1) MAIN PROBLEM: The last message I got from U2.com was on 24.2.2009. I suspect other messages has been sent since then, but forsome reason I have not received them! I CAN ALREADY THIS HAPPENING: ME AND COUNTLESS OTHER PAID SUBSCRIBERS WILL NOT BE SENT TOUR PRESALE CODES!!! DO SOMETHING!!!! 2) Second problem: Can't write anything on boards as pais subscriber. This is my free account created to voice all these probles. 3) I can not see paid subscriber message forums with my paid subscription. Bono about their gigs: "Every single night should be the best night of your life". What would the lead singer think if he knew about their homepage customer experience?
  6. Hello, username: mikkoyli-olli e-mail: mikko.yli-olli (at) pp DOT inet DOT fi Problem: I am paidsubscriber. I am unable to add replys on message board (this is written via my free subscription) Problemdetails: I sign in to U2.com,OK. I go to COMMUNITY area,OK. I go to MESSAGE BOARD,and try to add reply. I am prompted again to sign in. I sign in, and U2.com main page appears, NOT OK I go to message boardagain, and try to reply. U2.COM main page is displayed (this time I am not prompted to sign in). Bottom line: Paidsubscription, unable to use message board. Please help!:-(
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