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  1. Thanks again everyone! I had a lovely meal out in a great little restaurant and yes, I had duck lol
  2. Thanks Lailaketo Still in recovery mode from the weekend (pfff getting old!) but still hope to make the most of it!
  3. We never made it to the Atomium but trust me it was wild
  4. Thanks to both of you It's not quite yet though, still one day left in the 30s and I intend to make the most of it lol
  5. Haha nice one! Apologies for being somewhat absent from the boards, I had a most unbelievable weekend! Nothing much planned for tomorrow so hope to be on great form for the Auckland 1 live thread early morning my time on Thursday. Can't wait for that, it's a great Birthday present
  6. Happy Birthday Anjana!! I hope you have a fantastic day
  7. Yes, the 24th for moi! **cries at the thought of turning 40** lol
  8. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: Lemonhead']Does anyone have a full list of these? what you mean, lemon? the b-days? Yes, a list of B-days (well at least of the people most present on these threads)
  9. Does anyone have a full list of these?
  10. jap 711 wrote: Whenever i enter my code on ticketmaster and if i dont like the seats im given, can i click "search again" and put my code in again for better seats? or do i just get one chance to put in my code. thanks Your code remains valid until a transaction is actually made (based on what has happened so far in Europe). However if you decide to try forbetter tickets than the ones that are proposed when you use your code, you go back to the end of the queue. So for a high demand show, that could be riskybusiness.
  11. The Velvet Underground (Vincennes, Paris during Zooropa) RHCP in Slane was good as well.
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