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  1. This is the floorplan which was on the ticketmaster site when purchashing tickets yesterday
  2. Great, I will contact them later today and see what the requirements are for any transfer and let You know. I'm happy to read that you are not missing out though and getting to see other shows :-)
  3. Sounds great, I look forward to getting more info on this, Thank You!
  4. All is in the title, I am desperate to find one ticket for either shows in Antwerp. Preferably GA but would consider all tickets. It's for a very good friend of mine who has not seen the band since Torhout/Werchter back in the day. I am based in Brussels and open to all trade options. Many Thanks if You can help :-)
  5. Sad news just in, BB King has passed away. Maybe a tribute during Vancouver 2?
  6. //hello, hello Hi Max! Looking like they've nailed it (again)
  7. No luck on more ticks. I got greedy and got timed out on other venues...my fault haha
  8. Come on people, of course some seats are expensive... Best seats are still cheaper than basic Seats of other top notch bands and as always GA are a (relative) bargain. I just always have a thought for people with mobility issues, I wish it was more clear what tickets they can apply for in all venues.
  9. Hmm anyo,e know more about these? The 101 seats/standing did not exist in the presale.
  10. I am a bit surprised they went for SportPaleis Antwerp rather than the new Palais 12 in Brussels which has great acoustics and can hold up to 18000.
  11. Good Luck to Everyone going for tickets on Monday December 8th Prices:
  12. Any questions about the venue? Getting there? Questions about the General Sales on Monday December 8th at 9am? What's the name of that song Playing when U2 come on stage?
  13. No. You've had the chance to get tickets which many will not and that's it, end of privileges. Once tickets are out. It's each to his own and that's fair.
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