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  1. Impossible to know how fast each venue will sell out but clearly don't count your chickens, it's going to sell out insanely quickly. Still though at least You have two tickets :-)
  2. No code...no panic :-) All will sort itself out in due course and don't forget it's not just 'You' that has not received a code it's everyone so nobody has an edge on You.
  3. Great mood! I'm back with my friends here Been away for a bit but still checking up on you on a daily basis. Love you all Peeps! LH
  4. Thanks Zhivvy, I feel better already lol!
  5. It really is a fantastic place. As we were there with Italian friends (including from Rome) we didn't get caught in any tourist traps and yes, weather like that does help! Shame I did not catch up with Monica though As for the rugby, I guess I'll be doing the crying when we get stuffed by the French on Sunday...
  6. without the anchovy? eeeeeeek that won't work! It's blended in so you will not really not see it as such it's such the delicater salty fishy taste you get from it lol
  7. Lol! Indeed no Duck I'm not sure if it's readily available in Roma but no worries the local seasonal food was fantastic. Look out for Puntarelle alla Romana when you're in Rome around this time of the year it's the bast salad you'll ever have. Puntarelle is a variety of Catalonian chicory and it's mixed with a dressing made up of garlic, anchovy, white wine vinegar and olive oil.
  8. Back from Rome. Had a fab time but would have like to have stayed a bit longer (a lifetime maybe lol). Heaven on a plate... Just the thought of the weekend has me in a great mood
  9. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: Lemonhead']So...that's me in a good mood thanks to you! is that because there was duck on the menu??? You just can't beat a bit of kwak-kwak on your plate!
  10. So...that's me in a good mood thanks to you!
  11. My 70s thingy was a great evening, many thanks. I obviously did not DL all that music because that would not have been legal ;-) So the final thingy was - Shrimp Cocktail - Canard à l'Orange - Trifle eeeeek sounds horrid but if you spice it up it's nice! Started off with a light apéro: Royale Martini: 2 Vodka, 0,5 Creme de Cassis, Top Up Champagne... (strange a cocktail "Martini" without any Martini...) All that with your music (which again just appeared on my iPod), and loads of disco balls, reallly sad stars, etc. superb night! Thanks again!!
  12. Fantastic stuff there Sue, thanks a million!!
  13. Come on peeps, I need your brains on overdrive lol 1970: 1971: (Vincent but too sad) 1972: 1973: 1974: 1975: 1976: 1977: 1978: 1979: as easy as that!
  14. I'll be in the best of moods....when you help me! I need your top ten of every year of the 70s' as from your selection I will do my biz (that's a private thing where eeek you're not invited lol)...but need to be disco/ funk/ rock...blabla anything goes, I'm looking for the most representative songs of each year. Get to work Peeps lol (and thanks!)
  15. Off to see a Christmas Carol concert this afternoon then up with the Christmas decorations so I guess that will get me into the festive season! Glad my forum settings can be updated again, my time zone is my time zone for a change!
  16. Thanks again everyone! I had a lovely meal out in a great little restaurant and yes, I had duck lol
  17. Thanks for your messages
  18. Thanks Lailaketo Still in recovery mode from the weekend (pfff getting old!) but still hope to make the most of it!
  19. hehe love the hypnotic cat Good mood today...off out now to make the most of my last day as a thirty-something year old!
  20. We never made it to the Atomium but trust me it was wild
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