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  1. Thanks to both of you It's not quite yet though, still one day left in the 30s and I intend to make the most of it lol
  2. Haha nice one! Apologies for being somewhat absent from the boards, I had a most unbelievable weekend! Nothing much planned for tomorrow so hope to be on great form for the Auckland 1 live thread early morning my time on Thursday. Can't wait for that, it's a great Birthday present
  3. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: Lemonhead wrote: Anjana']Are the birthday celebrations beginning from today yeahhhhhh Aperitif tonight, on to the serious partying tomorrow until Wednesday and then Thursday, Auckland live thread! sounds like a looooooooong party, sure you're up to that at your age? *being a nurse showing complete interest in lemons health-issues I've no idea! I guess I'll need a few breathers' for sure
  4. 41015 - Did you know today was 'World Toilet Day' ....what will they come up with next!!
  5. Aperitif tonight, on to the serious partying tomorrow until Wednesday and then Thursday, Auckland live thread!
  6. [quote name='Anjana wrote: Lemonhead']not great... bad day? Not the best evening and not the best morning! It can only get better from now on though, my friends are arriving in town!
  7. 41005 and a lot of water under the bridge since 41004!
  8. Washington, D.C.: Today (Janette) Weezer in LA: 7 days (Jbarnych)Katie's birthday : 18 days (KatiemL) Christmas : 37 days (just to scare us all for getting it all ready in time!)Denver Indian Market : 65 days (KatiemL)Barbara coming to England again!: 142 days**Barbara and Zhivvy going to Dublin: 144 days - watch out Bono - we'll find you!* Jen's last day of library school - ever!!: 179 days (Jbarnych)Territory Days : 185 days (KatiemL)Denver: 183 days (Jbarnych) - finally under the 200 days!!!Salt Lake City show: 186 days (Jbarnych) - another under 200!!Seattle: 197 days (Nikki1120)Anaheim 1: 210 days (Jbarnych, Janette B, Collectoraholic)Anaheim 2 211 days (Jbarnych, Collectoraholic, Nikki1120)Montreal 2: 234 days (Collectoraholic)New York: 243 days (Bev France)Minneapolis: 246 days (Collectoraholic, Bev France) => dropping under 300 !!!Katie's dream trip to Dublin : 292 days (KatiemL)
  9. Happy Birthday Anjana!! I hope you have a fantastic day
  10. [quote name=Janette B wrote: Lemonhead]Lemonhead turns 40 in 9 days Happy Birthday in advance!!! J, well Yes...I'm not going to go on about how my Big Sis got me into the band but I guess you can see it.
  11. Good idea that! We might run out of paint though
  12. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: Zhivvy wrote: Lemonhead']Lemonhead turns 40 in 9 days Party time!!! OMG, thats like really old, lemon big party ahead? I've mates coming from Dublin, Edinburgh, Paris & Viareggio (+those in Brussels) and it looks like we'll be painting Brussels green on Saturday night lol
  13. Yes, the 24th for moi! **cries at the thought of turning 40** lol
  14. [quote name='barbara1 wrote: Lemonhead']Does anyone have a full list of these? what you mean, lemon? the b-days? Yes, a list of B-days (well at least of the people most present on these threads)
  15. Lemonhead turns 40 in 9 days
  16. I trust you'll have a special unofficial live BTB thread during the NZ and Aus shows!
  17. Does anyone have a full list of these?
  18. Early start but in a good mood today! Last full week in the thirties I guess I should mae the most of it before I get rusty lol
  19. Zhivvy wrote: She is Eleanor's third Grandma, and a second mum to me. She looked after me the whole time I lived in Poland Lucky you! I had someone very similar (who has since saddly passed away) back when I was younger. It still surprises me that people can be that thoughful and genuinely good people.
  20. [quote name='Zhivvy wrote: Anjana'] Want the boxing kitty!!! I'm just back and reckon I might survive man-hair (for today!). I'm trying to catch up so sorry to hear bad news but I have to say I like the boxing kitty!
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