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  1. I got mine today, extra fee was 2,90€. Mask was correct size. Thanks a lot!
  2. Fateful lightining..
  3. PIty, I was bit late, but found something else and supported local store. Wish Fire can be found from on line store.. Hooray! There were copies left, I was able to purchase Fire after the store was closed.
  4. Finally had time to watch this. The word energy describes what this concert is/was all about. I picked up top 3 songs: Two hearts beat as one, A day without me & 11 o'clock tick tock.
  5. R.I.P. Alexi Laiho https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexi_Laiho
  6. Physical formats create the pleasure of listening music at home, it´s my opinion. Still purchasing vinyls, CDs and DVDs.
  7. Censorship of one word was a spoiler in deed. The band used to wave a flag of UN human rights earlier. Have the values changed during the years?
  8. Wake up dead man, this is great..
  9. Raw and tears apart.. Bullet the blue sky
  10. I was able to buy a copy from local Levykauppa Äx
  11. Sad news, bass player and founder of UFO, Pete Way has passed away http://www.peteway.co.uk
  12. Great view!
  13. During those days, crowd were watching the band/show by their own eyes not through cell phone
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