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  1. I just saw your issue was resolved. What venue called you? Thanks & happy for you.


  2. Dear God. This has to be a joke. I feel like I feel like I was kicked in the teeth today. My years of membership dating back to propaganda, thousands and thousands of dollars spent over the years and this is what it got me. Sorry if I'm being a bit dramatic but this is completely unreal to me. Still holding out hope I guess but I not banking on it.
  3. That's for the innocence group. Which I'm sure we experience folks will be shut out of
  4. They need to be. It's embarrassing for them. I'm just so frustrated with all of this. I won't even get into the multiple calls to U2.com in the weeks leading up to this just to get set up properly. Now this. Just shaking my head in disbelief here
  5. In an effort to keep out scalpers, they kept out fans and let scalpers in. Fantastic!
  6. Same. I hate all of this! Shut out for the first time in decades. I'm not a scalper. Just a long time devoted fan whose spent a small fortune on this band. Feels great...
  7. Why did they change the old way? Never had an issue before!
  8. Please help! I can't get through to U2.com by phone. I'm in experience. Didn't get any emails or a text. I'm not a scalper. Paid subscriber since U2.com came into existence... Propaganda before that. All I want is a code so I can get tickets to see a show. Help!
  9. Experience here... no code or email yet. This is insane
  10. I checked spam... And I get emails all the time from U2.com. Including a few recently warning me that if I did not renew I'd be shut out of the pre-sale (which after multiple calls and lots of frustration) I came to find out was a mistake... Long frustrating story. All I want is my code so me and my daughter can see U2 in Philly. If i can just get that I'll be happy.
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