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  1. Fourth time I have watched U2 in their homeland and I think this was the best. Noel was a superb warm up for the main act and boy, what a main act. It seemed the band did not want to leave the stage and the feeling was mutual as I just wanted it to go on forever. Highlights? There were many, but I think I was close to tears for Sunday Bloody Sunday, Bad, Where The Streets Have No Name, Bullet The Blue Sky, and all of the encore. The staging was fantastic, the set list superb (big up to Ultra Violet (Light My Way) which is a personal fave) and the crowd were fantastic. U2, we lov
  2. I am taking my 15 year old daughter to her first U2 gig. She is at the Love Manchester concert tonight after she was at the MEN last Monday. So glad she is being defiant but I will still have one eye on everything around to make sure she is safe. Music will overcome.
  3. Thanks for your help all. I will wait patiently
  4. Can anyone point me in the direction as to where this can be downloaded. I can see 3 tracks are available in the My Account sections but I thought we could download the whole double album.
  5. Been a paid up member of u2.com for years, and prior to that I was a Propaganda subscriber. It has always frustrated me that u2.com never send renewal reminders, so this year mine lapsed. I 'renewed' on September 13th and am now classed in the INNOCENCE group. Typical of my luck at present.
  6. For those wondering how you find out how long you have been a member, you have to go to your profile within the Community, not the account profile. It should say there how long you have been a member since.
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