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  1. I didn't say there weren't and I'm not taking sides. Not the point I was making. Nothing to do with sides. I'm just surprised they have never made reference to the Croke Park Bloody Sunday while playing Sunday Bloody Sunday there. Even Queen Elizabeth could acknowledge it when she visited Croke Park.
  2. I know my history and they're both Bloody Sundays. Both involved the killing of innocent civilians by security forces representing the same country. I don't mean to sound bolshy but it's just a pity U2 wouldn't acknowledge that this was the site of a massacre of innocents. The original Bloody Sunday.
  3. I've seen U2 many times since 1985, never outside of Ireland. I've watched them play 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' in Croke Park numerous times now without a single reference to the fact that the original Bloody Sunday occurred right there in Croke Park. 16 innocent civilians shot dead in a football stadium! Do U2 fans even know that? U2 would make a big deal of that kind of thing if they were playing in a stadium in Soweto but not in their home country. I was encouraged by their 'justice for the forgotten' piece during Raised by Wolves on the i+e tour. I know there is little video support for the first few songs of this tour but in Croke Park for the first song, could they at least just put up an image of Michael Hogan (Hogan Stand), the footballer who lost his life on that day at the hands of foreign troops? The English rugby team could show a reverence in Croke Park when they played there for the first time. I really wish U2 could acknowledge such an historic and truly dreadful event. They would do our nation a service. Instead of just playing the Irish card they should act it too. Looking forward to the show on Saturday all the same.
  4. Hanover Quay recording studios. Right here https://goo.gl/maps/3EVJL6ucsaG2 . Northside Story map has it at no. 21. Surprisingly HQ isn't on the map but it should be a must-see for you. https://youtu.be/ZltxNmVDMpk
  5. Steeped you are! Grand Canal Dock is where HQ is. Also site of Gloria video.
  6. i+e won't fit in the Three. Not the way the stage area is orientated in the Point. The audience area is not deep enough to accommodate the screen, walkway and b-stage. No other suitable indoor venue. http://3arena.ie/3arena/new-page/seating-planI heard an interview with Edge saying the Dublin show might have to be acoustic.
  7. Hmmm. I really don't see this as a good thing. Obviously P McG can't keep going forever and is entitled to retire as much as anyone else. What I don't like is the buyout by Live Nation of their management. It' like Coca Cola buying a small nation's local and favourite brand of cola. Many years ago Paul McGuinness said he would never allow U2 to accept sponsorship and sell out on their artistic values. Well eventually he changed his mind. He sold his principles. When U2 first started working with Live Nation and their website started being run by them I noticed a slipping of standards and a sellout of principles, a distancing from fans. Their movement of their publishing company to Holland has been very unpopular in Ireland. A friend of mine recently said 'I don't want to hear 'I see seven towers' being sung in Dublin again'. I agree with him. With Principle management now being sold is it a matter of U2 now being principle-less?
  8. Phot taken from Killiney Hill 2/4/09. Inspiration for something?
  9. U2 signing U2 by U2 at Easons. 23/09/2006
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