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  1. Hard to say what happens by 10am. My experience if you arrive at a venue late morning or early afternoon is that it is more a traditional line at that point--set up and establish your space while you wait for the venue to start processing the front of the line at which point things begin to move. If you need to leave for bathroom break or food you work it out with those immediately in front and in back of you.
  2. Thank you for the GA info!  I plan on getting there 10 AM the day of the show.  Do you know if the Arrowhead staff will continue to hand out wristbands from 7 AM throughout the rest of the day until 1 PM?  Wanted to know the procedure if we can't be there right at 7 AM.  Thanks!

    1. tomokeefe


      Just responded on forum. Last time I showed up for U2 GA around 10am the wrist bands were distributed and nobody was taking down new names. There were enough people that it was just a traditional line. My prediction is a more "permanent" line will be well formed by 10am.

  3. From FB Group: More chatter there: https://www.facebook.com/groups/809786459170729/ 9/9/2017 Kansas City Update: The venue is ON BOARD with the Fan run GA line. The line will start tomorrow, Sunday, morning at 6am. The venue is aware of this line and the start time and has agreed to that, any line started before that will not be recognized. We will be located at Gate G, the west side of the stadium. This is the gate we will ultimately enter through. Look for the orange canopy, I’ll have some signs posted as well. All people in your group must be present to get a number. No exceptions. Check ins will be Sunday between 6p-10p, and again on Monday, 6p-10p. You can just drive by and show us your numbers. Once again, ALL must be present to check in. Tuesday morning, everyone that has been added to the book and has a number must be in line at Gate G no later than 5am. Arrowhead will begin issuing numbered wristbands, corresponding with your GA number, at 7am. Once you have your official numbered wristband you may leave. Be back, in line by 1pm. Arrowhead will begin letting groups in at 2pm through security checks. ***Parking lots will not officially open until 2. There is a Royals game on Tuesday, and their lots open at 9am, for $15. So there is a bit of a catch there.***
  4. Yep. They should have allowed the first 500 people inside in a more orderly fashion considering they then had us wait for an hour in the holding area anyway. I know at other venues I have seen where they let 50 people in through the security check and ticket scan and have them line up in the holding area (they could have easily done this in Seattle). Then those folks can get organized before they let another pulse in. It also gives event staff time to learn how to use the readers which was obviously an issue; as someone who has run credit cards at events I know how stressful this can be to do quickly but event staff can help by not just opening the floodgates and letting chaos ensue. The way it was handled was disrespectful to the first few hundred fans who invested the most time waiting. The message for those considering GA is that despite all the planning and organization of the line, once the local event staff take over a random element comes into play and you just have to do your best to roll with it. Things could be greatly improved with better communication between tour management, venue staff, and the fans who always do a great job organizing the line. In the end it was a spectacular show. One of their truly great shows. And I've been there for many.
  5. Actually the readers are glitchy and not all staff are trained to use them. I was near the front for Seattle and it was stressful for me and the poor tickets readers suddenly faced with this onslaught of people. I had to go to four different readers before I could find someone who could get my card to scan (and I have a relatively new card). I attend a lot of events at the stadium and while the credit card ticket is appealing, it is an objective fact that it is not as dependable as the printed bar codes used for most events that can be scanned more quickly and reliably. I wonder if they could have a system where you could pre-scan credit cards earlier in the day and pick up a bar code ticket to scan on entry (and then have plenty time to deal with any issues) and not have to deal with all that anxiety as people are pouring in.
  6. Just picked up GA line position #172 around noon. Line is being organized on west side of stadium--the side closest to Pacific Ocean
  7. This got me to thinking if I have really been lapsed for that long. I just checked my email history. The last time I paid my renewal was in 2015 extending my membership though December 4, 2016. I did not receive a reminder email--I do have my whole order history and notices of new offers and show announcements that were particularly prolific back in 2010. I get it though. It's still on me to keep it current. I'm fine that those of you who were on top of all this were a day ahead of me and accept personal responsibility for the junk show that is my life (I'm regularly late paying my phone bill too). I'm just annoyed that as someone who has been a subscriber for years I was in the same pool as people who were buying day-of memberships directly on Ticketmaster. And I still find it outrageous that they released 300 level tickets at the far end of the stadium to the Wires Group first before the GA batch. I got it all sorted out after a day on the computer with multiple browsers open and my smartphone and a call to Ticketmaster. I got what I wanted but what an incredible cluster. I just don't remember it being this complicated on any other prior tour (well maybe back in the days when you had to call Ticketmaster from a landline or line up at the Ticketmaster outlet at the mall and hope the agent there had their shit together--I guess that was worse). Anyway. It will all be fun and I am thrilled to see these guys on tour again.
  8. Yeah. Same here. I have been a subscriber since they transitioned from Propaganda and set up the website subscriptions. Occasionally I let it lapse but always renew. I was lapsed in December but got it renewed (but after the cutoff). Good for those who are on top of their shit and get their bills paid and all that. I'm cool with you getting a day head start. What I don't understand is how I get lumped into the group with every bloke just willing to pay what they see as an extra $50 surcharge the second day of presale. I don't understand why Ticketmaster was selling memberships and lumping the longtime subscribers who had lapsed in with them. And then there is the whole issue of getting on right at 9am and only having the option of 300 level tickets at the far end sold as "best available seats." With a day of persistence I was able to get my GA ticket but talk about a terrible experience. Anyway something to vent about. I'll see old friends and new ones at the GA line in Seattle. Looking forward to this show and by then all of this will have been forgotten. Love and Peace all!
  9. I was first only able to get 300 level tickets as no GA was available. Then a few hours later GA came up. I bought a ticket there and called TM to cancel my earlier tickets. What a racket. I have been to every tour over last 30 years. This was the biggest cluster I have ever faced. Should not be this hard for longtime u2.com subscribers.
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