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  1. I actually could see them opening with "You're the Best Thing" - Bono walking in like the innocence tour, waving, etc., then starting the opening lines while walking from the experience stage to the innocence stage with everything kicking in and lights going out when he gets there - like "The Miracle" opener. I could definitely see Blackout as the second song - with stage lights going out right after Best Thing leading into strobes, etc for Blackout.
  2. Was looking at one of the ticket sites other than TM just to see how many tickets were available, and I noticed that for the DC show, a different stage set-up was shown. To this point, I had expected just the same as the Innocence tour, but this looks significantly different. It looks a bit too unique to be just a standard generic stage representation - which makes me think it may be genuine. It also explains why some of the "mid-sections" are somewhat higher priced than I would have expected. Not sure if the PIC I attached will carry into this post - but it looks like there are mult
  3. This is a free account - I need help with my paid account_74615. UPDATE: SEE END BELOW: My paid account name is "mikeodle". E-mail godle@woh.rr.com I recieved an e-mail on 2/16/09 with a link for me to renew my subscription. It mentioned that my subscription had been extended to 3/2/09, and that I need toregister by then to take advantage of the $32 price. I logged in with my pay account, and was sent to an update screen. I update my information, and I'm sent to a HTTP 500 Server Error page. It'shappened across multiple computers, day and night, for 2 days now. I tried to go to the
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