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  1. If you go to the U2.com store and select "All Products", the digital links will show up for everything. For some reason, going to "Music" and "Digital" does not give results. So, they're there - just not the easiest to get to.
  2. Check the numbers on the inner ring of the vinyl (non music part outside of the label) and see if they're all the same across the copies (on the side with the problem - each side will have a different number). If they are, it's likely a problem with the tool used in production. I don't have that problem on SoE, but I do on Unforgettable Fire remaster (skips near middle of Promenade).
  3. I actually could see them opening with "You're the Best Thing" - Bono walking in like the innocence tour, waving, etc., then starting the opening lines while walking from the experience stage to the innocence stage with everything kicking in and lights going out when he gets there - like "The Miracle" opener. I could definitely see Blackout as the second song - with stage lights going out right after Best Thing leading into strobes, etc for Blackout.
  4. Was looking at one of the ticket sites other than TM just to see how many tickets were available, and I noticed that for the DC show, a different stage set-up was shown. To this point, I had expected just the same as the Innocence tour, but this looks significantly different. It looks a bit too unique to be just a standard generic stage representation - which makes me think it may be genuine. It also explains why some of the "mid-sections" are somewhat higher priced than I would have expected. Not sure if the PIC I attached will carry into this post - but it looks like there are multiple walkways and possibly screen/set-up perpendicular to the middle screen? Just thought I'd throw it here to see if anyone knew anything about this. Again, it seems odd that this site I got it from would just make this up for the fun of it.
  5. From what I saw from GA, the best spot to be is around any of the branches. We were crowded around Larry's branch, and it seemed that Edge and Adam stayed mainly over on the RED Zone side near the top of the tree (slightly outside the Zone), and Bono seemed to like to come to the GA side a lot more than the RED side. During the JT portion, they spend most of their time on the main stage - so everyone is pretty much equal at that point. When Bono and Edge come back down, though, it seemed the RED Zone got more of their attention. The only "bad" spot to be in the RED Zone appeared to be the "trunk", as you'd only be near the guys as they went back and forth between the stages - but, still, that's not a bad spot. As someone else said, once you're that close, there's no real "bad" spot - it just comes down to who you want to be near.
  6. There was a small group of us who lucked into catching Bono right as we got out of security and headed into the stadium. I'm wondering if any of that group besides me is a member here and has any footage of it? I have the meet on video from my point of view, but would love if someone has it from a different angle or got any pictures of it. He was only up there for about 28 seconds - shook some hands, hugged someone, and went back down. Was a nice surprise!
  7. Wow - absolutely no reason to apologize. Glad you are OK! I remember two instances of EMS people coming, once through the GA line while we were lining up and once more in the field right before the show. I'm assuming the second was for you? Either way - absolutely no reason to apologize. It was a tough day even if you weren't going through a physical challenge - we were on our feet for about 8 hours total, at least half of it in the sun. It would have been tough on anyone!! Hopeful you'll be able to catch up with them when they come back around!!
  8. Got my bag yesterday - it's a bit nicer than I thought it would be. Was curious about what a "record bag" would be, and who walks around with LP's so much that they need a bag. Turns out, it's basically a backpack with a laptop slot, and the main pocket is slightly larger than an LP with a roll down top. So, technically, you can carry around LP's - but it's more of a versatile backpack than anything else. Nice stitching for the logo, as well.
  9. Going with a group of friends to Louisville, KY this Friday to see the show there. Taking my wife and older son to see them in Cleveland on July 1st, while I hang out in the city with my younger son (3's a bit too young for a show). Finally, seeing them in London on July 8th in the Red Zone. I'll have almost no time in London - landing the day of the show, flying out the next day at 10:00AM.
  10. I got an e-mail with the new code - the body of the message mentioned that it had happened to quite a few sets. Thanks to the crew for jumping on this!
  11. ??? I've searched through everything - even going so far as to make sure it wasn't stuffed in the book or printed on the back of one of the lithograph thingies. I don't see an e-mail with the code either - but I figured I wouldn't, that it would just be stuffed in the box somewhere, given that the box in the stores indicates a download code as well. Am I just blind? Where is it?
  12. Has anyone who ordered the vinyl edition gotten their JT themed record bag? I got the set in the mail this week, was excited, ripped it open, have been looking at the stuff, listening, etc. - and it dawned on me today - there was no record bag included! Is it supposed to come in a separate shipment? Did anyone get theirs with the disk shipment?
  13. Recently, I've been having quite a few problems with them. Right now, I have multiple orders in - one of which was for a potential birthday present - and no information back. I messaged them asking for an idea of when any of my items may ship - and got no response. A few weeks pass - still nothing. Just this past week, I got the JT 30th set in - but only got a portion of the order. I'm getting ready to send them another inquiry, but unfortunately, I don't expect much of an answer. Side rant - when they do ship items, they use the UPS Mail Innovations which has never had good tracking. I get a shipment notification from the shop, but then I'm in the dark until the package arrives. I check UPS, USPS, and the mail innovations sites daily - but none of them ever update when I enter the tracking numbers. Love the band, love the site, love the merchandise - but the shop could use some improvements.
  14. I ordered quite a bit of stuff from the U2.com store when the JT 2017 tour merchandise popped up. Usually, the site is pretty decent at shipping out quickly or at least updating the order to let me know when it's going to ship. I'm now out over a week since I placed the order with no indication of shipping or anything - so I was starting to wonder (especially since one of the items is for a birthday present). I know the group is on a tour, and I realize that I placed the orders on the day the stuff went up on the store, so I'm not complaining - but there wasn't an indication that this was any type of pre-order or anything. Does anyone know if the merchandise is actually shipping out, or if there's a date when it is expected to start shipping? Just trying to get an idea. Thank you!
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