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  1. I actually could see them opening with "You're the Best Thing" - Bono walking in like the innocence tour, waving, etc., then starting the opening lines while walking from the experience stage to the innocence stage with everything kicking in and lights going out when he gets there - like "The Miracle" opener. I could definitely see Blackout as the second song - with stage lights going out right after Best Thing leading into strobes, etc for Blackout.
  2. Was looking at one of the ticket sites other than TM just to see how many tickets were available, and I noticed that for the DC show, a different stage set-up was shown. To this point, I had expected just the same as the Innocence tour, but this looks significantly different. It looks a bit too unique to be just a standard generic stage representation - which makes me think it may be genuine. It also explains why some of the "mid-sections" are somewhat higher priced than I would have expected. Not sure if the PIC I attached will carry into this post - but it looks like there are multiple walkways and possibly screen/set-up perpendicular to the middle screen? Just thought I'd throw it here to see if anyone knew anything about this. Again, it seems odd that this site I got it from would just make this up for the fun of it.
  3. From what I saw from GA, the best spot to be is around any of the branches. We were crowded around Larry's branch, and it seemed that Edge and Adam stayed mainly over on the RED Zone side near the top of the tree (slightly outside the Zone), and Bono seemed to like to come to the GA side a lot more than the RED side. During the JT portion, they spend most of their time on the main stage - so everyone is pretty much equal at that point. When Bono and Edge come back down, though, it seemed the RED Zone got more of their attention. The only "bad" spot to be in the RED Zone appeared to be the "trunk", as you'd only be near the guys as they went back and forth between the stages - but, still, that's not a bad spot. As someone else said, once you're that close, there's no real "bad" spot - it just comes down to who you want to be near.
  4. There was a small group of us who lucked into catching Bono right as we got out of security and headed into the stadium. I'm wondering if any of that group besides me is a member here and has any footage of it? I have the meet on video from my point of view, but would love if someone has it from a different angle or got any pictures of it. He was only up there for about 28 seconds - shook some hands, hugged someone, and went back down. Was a nice surprise!
  5. Wow - absolutely no reason to apologize. Glad you are OK! I remember two instances of EMS people coming, once through the GA line while we were lining up and once more in the field right before the show. I'm assuming the second was for you? Either way - absolutely no reason to apologize. It was a tough day even if you weren't going through a physical challenge - we were on our feet for about 8 hours total, at least half of it in the sun. It would have been tough on anyone!! Hopeful you'll be able to catch up with them when they come back around!!
  6. GA in Louisville and RZ at Twickenham Bonus: Wife and older son are in seats for the Cleveland show
  7. I'd be interested in knowing this as well. For my part, I got a RedZone ticket for Twickenham, but was never asked for my pre-sale code. I went on to use the same code for 2 tickets to an American show. Right now, I technically have pre-sale codes to use for a show that I want to attend in America - but I am waiting for the public on-sale, because purchasing these tickets would put me at 6 used tickets as opposed to 2 or 3 used. From what I've been able to gather, even though I didn't use a pre-sale code for my Twickenham ticket - it is logged in TicketMaster as associated with my address and having been bought through the presale, so there is a chance it counts when audited. I have see so many tickets on sites like StubHub and similar which are advertising tickets to a show I'm waiting to go on public on-sale tomorrow. Given how stressful this has been for pre-sale subscribers (only 4 tickets per CC, address, subscriber, etc.) along with the threat of tickets being cancelled at the gate - I'm very interested to see how this will be handled at the venues. I also stumbled upon a website which freely advertised that for $10, someone could get U2 subscriber pre-sale codes as well as venue specific pre-sale codes. By stumbled, I mean it came up within the first page after a Google search for tickets (which I would expect most of the general public would do). I've done what I can to make sure I am well within all rules - but I cannot see how obviously scalped tickets like these will be handled. My understanding is that most, if not all, of the tickets for the US shows are credit card entry only, however I see ticket sites advertising them as having tickets which can be mailed, printed, etc. I don't see how that's possible. The show I'm waiting to buy for appears to have been heavily scalped - so I think "day of show" will be very interesting in the ticket line as far as seeing which people get turned away (if any) and which are let in.
  8. Thank you both for replies - I'm sorry I've posted similar questions quite a bit here, just paranoid. I've decided to stick with the public on-sale and hope there are GA tickets available. I already have too much money and planning wrapped up in the shows we have tickets for now, and I don't want to jinx that! Again - thanks for the help, and I'll see you guys out there!!
  9. So, I spoke to Ticketmaster today and explained my current situation wherein I have used my Red Hill code for 2 tickets to one US show, and want to use my wife's Wires code for a 2nd US show (for 4 tickets). He told me there would be no problem with that, as long as they were separate shows. I've seen conflicting reports here from the last tour - some people have done what I pointed out above and been fine, others have said there's a possibility of tickets being cancelled at the show. Can anyone back up or refute the TM rep? Part of me is thinking I should play it safe and simply buy the tickets for the 2nd show during the public on-sale, but I also don't want to miss out on tickets just for being paranoid. Also - the tickets I want for the 2nd show will be GA. Can anyone speak to how scarce GA tickets generally are by the public on-sale?
  10. Thank you for the reply - I did call again, and they again confirmed that she would have no problem using my card.
  11. I used my pre-sale code to buy 2 tickets for my wife and son (I am unable to go to this show). I noticed that these are credit card entry only. I called Ticketmaster, and the person on the other end told me that my wife would be able to get in as long as she had the credit card I used to buy the tickets. I asked if ID would be required (because obviously, she is not me), and the Ticketmaster person said it wouldn't matter - she only needs the credit card. This seems to run counter to what some people have said here regarding who can get in (I've seen some say that if the pre-sale person and credit card person are not there, they can't get in). It is possible for me to go to the gate with them, however the reason I can't go is because I need to care for our 3-year old. Taking a 3-year old to a stadium only to watch his mom and older brother go to a show he can't go to would be difficult to say the least - but if that's required to get them in, I guess we could do it - but then I still wouldn't be going in with them. Any advice - or am I worrying too much? There's a lot of expense associated with this show outside of the expense of the tickets - I don't want anything to go wrong with them being able to see the show.
  12. I'm interested in whatever response you get as well, because I have a similar situation. I used a credit card for my wife and son to use, and called TicketMaster since my name is on the card - not hers. I pointed out to them on the phone that I could definitely add her to my credit account and she would have a card - but it would not be the card I used. Their response was: "It's fine, she can just bring the card you used for the order and it will be OK". I further clarified that I would NOT be there - and she would be using a card with my name on it - and they said, "It's OK - it doesn't matter."
  13. So, both my wife and I are subscribers. I have a "Red Hill" pre-sale code account, and she has a "Wires" pre-sale code account. I purchased a single ticket for one of the European shows during the pre-sale, but didn't use my code (weird stuff happened on the European leg where they allowed non-pre-sale people to buy pre-sale tickets). Let's call the card I used for this "Card A" I got 2 tickets to US U2 show for my wife and son, to which I am unable to go because I need to take care of our younger son. For that purchase, I used 2 "pre-sale tickets" of my 4. Even though I will not be going to that, I verified with TicketMaster that she would be able to enter with my son without me being there as long as she uses the same card used to buy the tickets. I used a different credit card for this one, "Card B" Now it gets tricky: They just added another show that's close enough for me and some of my friends to go to. Wife is unable to go to this show. I have 4 friends who want to go, and I only have 2 pre-sale tickets left on my account and 4 left on her account. Can I: 1. Use her pre-sale code to buy 4 tickets (for me and 3 others), and then have the 5th person buy their ticket during the general on-sale? These will all be general admission, so we'll all be together regardless. 2. Should I just buy all 5 tickets at once during the public on-sale? I'm thinking of using "Card C" for the 4 ticker purchase, because I'm paranoid about messing up one of the other two purchases with the Credit Card Entry thing. I'm not sure what the right thing to do here is. I feel like I should use the code since I have it (and we, as a family paid for it) - but the code I would be using is technically her code, not mine. The ticketmaster site says spouses can be "authorized users" on the credit card account and gain entry, but I don't know if there's a further check to make sure the U2 subscription name is the same. On the one hand, it would be easier to just use the public on-sale for 5 GA tickets - but on the other, I'd hate to have the thing sell out and us not get tickets just because I'm being paranoid. Can anyone here confirm that GA tickets were available during the public on-sale - and, if so, were they available for a while, or did they go very fast?
  14. I'm not even sure I would do this if allowed - but was just curious - has anyone ever used a GoPro as close as the red zone? I see tons of videos from people at large concerts - but usually far back from the stage. Was just wondering if anyone had ever tried to get video like this close up? Would be cool to be able to get video of the concert without standing there holding a camera - even though you'd look a bit weird with a camera on your head.
  15. For this show, the only option available to me was the Credit Card Entry - which is fine. A bit odd for me to not walk up to the venue without a paper ticket (I'm old school) - but I guess that's one less thing to lose!
  16. I also noted that if you click the link and wait for the countdown timer, it takes longer to refresh to the actual ticket page once the timer reaches zero than it does to just open a new page. For the London show, I had a tab open with the timer and as soon as it hit 00:00, I clicked the link on the u2.com tour page again + went straight to ticketing. Had my ticket nearly purchased in the new browser instance before the original instance caught up (it did, but it took a while). Not helpful for today's sale - but might be useful for those that are going to try again tomorrow when new tix get released for the Wires group.
  17. Got an RZ ticket for London! Would have been super simple, but my card company thought it was fraud and kicked me out of the transaction at the end (!) After I verified with them using text, I came back to TicketMaster and got the dreaded "We're sorry - a lot of fans are on the site right now - come back later!". Refreshed a few times, first time the RZ tickets weren't there when I got back. The second time they were, so managed to grab one. Whew. Lesson learned - next time, make sure the CC company knows you're going to be using your card for a foreign purchase ahead of time. BTW - thanks to everyone here for keeping things updated so well. Despite my CC problem, this has been the smoothest purchase + best show of information I've seen here surrounding a show with such little time between announce and ticket sale.
  18. This is a tour/show I think would be easy to get rid of the GA if it came to that. We got burnt during the i+E tour in Chicago because of the stage flip problem (details came out late, stage was misrepresented on the Ticketmaster site - ended up paying a ton of money for a ticket behind the stage) - so we wound up buying two sets of tickets, with one we couldn't get rid of (we didn't want to be behind the stage in "limited view" at my son's first concert - and, apparently, no one else did either - couldn't get rid of them). Anyway - that was a special situation. Most other times, tickets to a U2 show haven't been a problem. I just wish my plans were taking me to Ireland instead of London so I would know for sure that a RZ ticket is available now (not to mention how cool it would be to see them in Ireland)
  19. What's driving me nuts is that some of the shows have the VIP packages detailed with prices, etc. Some even have the RED Zone tickets up as a separate item - but these are all at places I won't be able to see them. The two places I have a shot at seeing them, details are sparse. I'm ready to get a RZ ticket (or even a VIP that includes a RZ ticket), but nothing's up for the show I want. I don't know if I should grab a GA ticket just to know I have one, then spring for a RZ if it happens to pop up a day or two later?
  20. I'm hoping they appear. I noticed that when I looked at the Ticketmaster app on my phone, Silver and Gold tickets popped up for London but they still aren't up on the regular website. I've been checking back every few hours throughout the day today, and each time there have been new ticket options. I'm hoping it's just because Ticketmaster is scrambling to get these things up (and hopeful they get it worked out before the presale starts). EDIT - now that I look again, I see the Silver, Gold, and VIP party packs up - but they're all named "U2".
  21. Fellow Cincy person! I took my older son to the IE tour last year, and he was 8 at the time. He absolutely loved it, but started to fall asleep near the end (mainly because he was exhausted from the day's activities). I had him wear earplugs, but in retrospect, he probably didn't need them. Generally, they're not TOO loud - with the exception of the Vertigo show my wife and I saw in Cleveland - that show was so loud it was painful. We got really lucky with our seats - we were at the Chicago arena on an overhang directly in front of the railing around the experience stage. We were about as close as you could get without being in GA - which helped with him being able to see everything that was going on as well as being able to sit down (and/or sleep) when he got tired. I'll never forget how nuts he went when Bono came out for the show opener. I knew he liked U2 - but he went crazy as the show opened.
  22. I've never bought a ticket to an international show - but I'm in a situation where I have a chance to see them at the London show. I've already noticed that when I looked for the London show through www.ticketmaster.com, it was not there - I had to go to the UK site. My regular ticketmaster.com sign-in wouldn't work there, so I had to create a new profile for the UK site. So - all that seems to be set up and ready for me to hit the pre-sale (at 4am - ugh, but worth it. ). My question is this: Has anyone ever bought tickets to a show through one of ticketmaster's international sites before (in this case, the UK) - are there any other surprises in store for me, or is it pretty straightforward? I know that during a pre-sale, things get slowed down quite a bit, tickets are flying everywhere, etc. - and I don't want to waste any time and end up missing getting a ticket (shooting for Red Zone, assuming I don't have to get a second mortgage to afford it) if there's something I can do now to make it easier. I've already got my payment method entered, and the pre-sale code ready to go. Any other tips/advice?
  23. Thank you - this is what I was thinking as well, just wanted to make sure before I sell my other tickets (especially after the United Center rep didn't know).
  24. With the stage flip and the fact that this is my son's first concert (and I want it to be awesome for him), I've ended up with 2 sets of tickets. I've seen conflicting information as to which side is going to be the "main stage" and which side the "experience mini-stage" - SeatGeek still has the original layout that was on TicketMaster during the pre-sale, while some other sites (including this one) have an opposite set-up. So - between these two sets of tickets, which are the best both in terms of seeing the band from the front as well as being able to see the screen?: Section 116, Row 14 Section 108, Row 9 Can someone help? Thank you!
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