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  1. Same here! No standing whatsoever!! Wish i hadn't bothered signing up again.
  2. Got GA's and was pleasantly surprised about the price to be honest. Would have gone for decent seats but way too pricey. Saw a seat available in Block 404 (top level of O2) for £180! I just don't understand why so expensive for that position. No wonder there are seats still available.
  3. I phoned AXS who deal with the O2 shows and they said because my wife had the same surname as me (?!) i could take her card and use my ID. This seems perfectly logical. You have a while to sort it out, i'm sure there will be many in your boat. Ultimately its just to deter touts and shouldn't piss of the ticket buyer. I think its a ridiculous rule personally, especially since Ticketmaster have their own tout site Get Me In! Its ridiculous. Just keep asking, i'm sure it will work out.
  4. So i finally spoke to someone at AXS. Initially they said my wife would have to attend. Then they said i could take my wife's card with my ID, just because we have the same surname and they put a note on my booking. So if anyone is concerned just phone up and check, should be fine to sort out.
  5. yes, i've emailed AXS, hopefully i'll hear back at some point. i will make sure my wife doesn't have to go, i've got almost a year to sort it. . AXS definitely owe me one for previous fuck ups.
  6. Well i assumed that i am still the 'ticket purchaser' even though i used my wife's card. Its my name on the account and on the email confirmation. I cannot believe this is a strict rule, its ludicrous!
  7. Really? Well the surname will be the same, surely i'll be ok? Anyone know for sure? No response from AXS as yet.
  8. Cheers for that, yeah i guessed it would be ok, they just seem to be pretty tight on this.
  9. I just bought two for the O2 on my account but using my wife's card. She's not going, i can just take her card and use my ID right? I bloody hope so!! Any ideas?
  10. Well i haven't read one decent argument for why this isn't a rip off. Obviously i realise i don't HAVE to re-subscribe, I was just pointing out that its a bit of a cheek to have to pay another $40 for pre-sale access a mere 6 months after my last re-subscription. There are some really quite annoying people in this 'community'. "Hey, we should be thanking U2 for all the great music and the 360 tour they've kindly created for us etc...." All i can say is i'm glad you're all pleased with the service they are providing. I am increasingly not and that is why i posted. OK?!
  11. I'm sure there are many posts on this already but since i've never understood the layout of this shoddy forum i can't find them. so i thought i'd start a thread. I simply cannot believe that we are being asked for more money just to get presale codes and a mix cd. Most of us have six months left until we have to shell out another $40. We are having the piss taken out of us. i've been a subscriber for a few years and to find out i have to pay $40 for the chance of pre-sale tickets is disgusting. For the amount we've spent on the group in the last six months we should all get a free cd!! I am go
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