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  1. Nor my wallet but im gonna try for the second night and drive back home after the show, only hour & half drive, stuff the hotel a second night! Fingers crossed for next week!
  2. Straight in 2 ga for manchester cant wait!
  3. UK based member - i renewed my subscription about 4 weeks ago and in my account info it showed i was signed up till Jan 2019. Will the verefication process work for me without having to pay again would one of the mods know? My account info has just appearrd again and my account is active till 31 january 2019
  4. Have to agree! Was watching Vancouver footage earlier on and the option came up link to my tv which I did and my oh my! The quality of the screen images are insane and you kind of forget the boys are on stage watching the images along with the sound and it's just thrilling! So looking forward to taking my part at Twickenham!
  5. That went so smoothly no problems! Was undecided GA or seats but went seats and got ours L27 row 12 I know how much they cost but I find it easier not looking at the price on the printed receipt lol Happy days and roll on July 8!!
  6. Just to add my card had expired some months previous to the show and worked OK as they said it would! Had the new one on me just in case
  7. Same here, had to show confirmation e mail to join q then credit card swiped at turnstile but no ID check
  8. Received our tickets for the 2nd November show yesterday! GA on Friday 30th October so be two trips down to the big smoke for me! So looking forward to the shows!
  9. Well I used a presale code for tickets for London and I've this morning received an e mail with code inviting me in today's presale! I just don't know what to do as would love to be part of one of these shows!
  10. Got two GA for London 30th presale. Tried public sale for another London date but got nothing! Very happy with what I got!
  11. Bastille would be class! Saw them at the Ally Pally in march. Good songs, great live!
  12. Planned to drive down & hopefully park at the O2 but not a drive I was looking forward to. I was down that way recently at Milwall for a Wolves game and the journey was an absolute nightmare! Coach to the O2 is something I would be very interested in! Friday 30th is the show I'm going to and nearest city Wolverhampton.
  13. Well done that man, glad you got your tickets! Kinda watched your day unfold with your posts on here! Nightmare!
  14. There were issues UK O2 pre sale as have been mentioned on here but nowhere near as bad as the US ticketmaster problems I've read about! Few weeks back I had dealings with ticketmaster UK in a pre sale for Take That tickets for my wife which were very much sort after but the process well managed so can't understand how ticketmaster, albeit in another country, have performed so badly on this pre sale! Was quite shocked really that the tour was announced and the pre sale the next day! Good job I was off work or I'd have had no chance of getting tickets! Then there was the wait for t
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