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  1. Today, is my crying day. The whole day, cooking and crying, sleeping and crying. Looking at Bono and crying. I am all tears today, and tonight, I see a picture of "Bono". Its been like no Bono pictures in the past 2 moths. I think I am being tested, like my faith being tested. But, its always a good time to see a man who brings happiness to many people, one who is a warrior for what is right for us all, not just a few. Thats Bono. I cried over his picture, and I say, take everything from me, just not the love I feel for my Prince. He stays. I swear, I feel like I am going thru the "JOB" in the bible story. But, it doesn't matter, I may lose all, but I can still see my light. I am tired of crying, I am going to make a cup of rasberry tea. What a beautiful picture of Mr. Hewsen. Something is better than nothing. I swear, that impostor, really looked like my Prince. And no, I changed my mind, I didn't call him or go to see him, because he is just that an impostor, not my true Prince in the flesh and blood. I can't deal with a fake impostor, I like my Realm Prince, geniune flesh and blood Irish Prince with class, ethics, honesty, light for us all, and strong, strong and powerful, power that is not of this normal world, power to provoke love to spread amongst the masses. That power that he has, it has me captured for him. Realmawake
  2. Happy Birthday, enjoy it, live it, and I should say, today is my son Luis Fernando's birthday too. 14, a young age. But, yes, we do need to celebrate with family and friends on every opportunity we have. Life is to be lived, not to live a life as an act for someone else, controlling even your breaths. One can love and be free, . I learned that being bound and free is the most beautiful thing in the world. I thought I never love anyone the way I know this love today. It is powerful, yet free, clean and pure. Thats the kind of love I desire. A love that takes me to higher planes. All 4 of you gets a kiss on the cheeks from Realm, and a poke on the Prince's dimple. Today, I am very very peaceful and happy with my children. Nothing but a peaceful existence will do. All 4 of you have brought happiness to me and my children, like Lili and Jose. And you are blessed to be able to even practice with Bono when he open his lips. Bono is too enchanting. I super adore Bono and his energy. I might as give up. Surrender to the Love I feel. I send you Peace and Love, and if Possible, give me an appoint soon to meet you NY. I am too awaken now, I can only go foward. Thanks to the teachings of Prince Bono, I am free. Oh, Prince, you have been a musician for centuries, a king for ever. You are what you are, the Essence always remains thru time, space and distance and death cannot change your essence or separate me or you from those we love. That is the truth of you. Realmwake
  3. Take a deep breath and realize you have everything under control. You control your inner and outer environment. You are the boss, and you will do what you have to to achieve your goals. Good luck and be happy.
  4. I am with a fever. Somekind of cold I picked up. Its physically draining. But, the Car Auction quickly got me in the right frame of mind. Something of him. It does look silver to me. Yes, something of him would make me feel very very happy. It would contain some of his warmth, his energy which I so desire. I feel a little stronger in the spirit and mind actually, I think I might be able to complete two weeks of work, if they let me go back Monday. Prayers do work. God is for everybody, seek and you shall find. Realmawake
  5. Ali seems to be having so much fun. Thats right, one must have fun too. I like watching them enjoing themselves. I have no time to ponder as to how, why, or what they do with their money, that doesn't concern me, but I enjoy watching them having fun, enjoying their existence, being free spiritually, though heavy responsibilities lay ahead, they can put it aside and escape to have fun too. If I was one of them, I would be doing just that. Right now, I would purchase a place ticket to Punta Cana in Dominican Republic, and I would go out to bathe at 5 am in the mystic sand, I shall sit under a "hut", the simple things in life are worth so much. I wish my financial situation would take a change for the better soon, god willing, than I swear, I shall go away and just relax, enjoy my existence too, no worries, no TAXES, no bills, not even the cold weather. I tell you, I am dying to have fun and do things I always wanted to do . One can not wait till one is in death bed to want to do this. Right now, I am freezing, I need milk and coffee and watching pictures of the Prince makes me feel stronger. I am super relaxed, taking pain medication, I am pushing myself to the limits to free myself from a bad situation, so I really need to see my Prince more than usual. He gives me something that makes me healthy, feel better. Its not all lost, even if I lose everything I possess, I shall never lose my Prince, only to death. Realmawake
  6. I am learning, growing more knowledgeable of U2, my Prince, Anton Corbinj, it appears that this man is the one I would like always close to U2. When I was small, I heard my Prince sing spanish In the name of love, this man was connected then to my Prince. A very important man he is. Bono Prince of Realm is the man in the song. He is Realm's only true Prince. This man Corbinj, I shall learn more of him, my thoughts are fixed on my Prince, therefore, anyone is always 2nd or random. He is a constant. He is always in my concious awaken and in my sleep. Bono is the Prince of Realm dreams are made of. Realmawake
  7. I am in love listening to "Dirty Day", I got the lyrics too. I finally get to see the words to the song. I love this song. My Prince makes me delirious with his voice. Realmawake
  8. I am in the mood to meet Bono, the Rock Star from the Rock band U2. Yes, I am forever ready to meet my Prince. It is only right that I shall meet him, who stands as a beacon of hope, a light to many, a light in the dark, a shadow of God's overwhelming love for us, a man who has captured my very own soul. Yes, I am ready to meet the only man God chose as a true Prince of Realm. Many men exist, but there is only one Prince Bono. One Light, One Love, One Prince. Only One who is ALL. He alone has the key to the heart of Realm. I am celebrating my Prince as I speak of him. We should all celebrate my Prince together. An outstanding man he is. Wow, a needle in a haystock. I found my Prince. Light at the end of the tunnel, thats my Prince. He enchants the flowers in the garden, his fragrance is that which Realm enjoys so much. I shall sleep better tonight. Realmawake
  9. Jorge- Very happy child with a bright future. I am so proud of him. I love You my son Jorge.
  10. I am listening to the Prince sing "Dirty Day". I love this song. Wow, I thought I never would get the words to it. yet, Another treasure song. I am PRO BONO DAISY REALM. Servant of the Prince. Realmawake
  11. Hey, zootopian friends: I walked away from the kitchen to send Bono and the U2 sphere a song dedication: I think this band are worthy to Honor my Prince Bono. I totally love this song: And so, to help my Prince forget about his "undesireable dimple low back pain" I dedicate this song him. Wow, this band has a MONSTER song, One over the bridge hit that is in the level of Bono's Realm. This is it, and it goes to my Prince like this: It is called "The Romantics" I found it on youtube videos. "THATS WHAT I LIKE A BOUT YOU". PRINCE OF REALM ENJOY IT. That is what life is all about. being happy. Realmawake
  12. U2 "Dirty Day". I totally love this song. I really want to hear the Austrilian tour song in 2011. This one is as powerful as Mysterius ways. It is his pitch, the amount of power in it, that I seek. That power is my Prince's energy. Thats what I harnesh for myself. Totally seductive, deep message. I love this song. I finally get to hear it as I should. Its been years that I haven't been able to get the exact wording of it. Who's going to Ride your wild horses". Another montrous song. I tell you, Bono has surpassed all of my spiritual expectations of what a God gifted Man should be. Totally satisfied in all ways. How on earth can a man achieve such STATUS: I tell you, he was born a regular man like the rest of the world, he is here, but that doesn't mean he is from here. God does everything perfect. Each one of them, has a "Gift", its so obvious, how can 4 men, each with Powerful Gifts, one with the hand, the other with a guitar, the other with a drum, and ONE MAN PRINCE from Ireland with a CODE VOICE. I tell you, too many "SPECIAL" gifts together, no conincidence to Realm, God is working thru them. And I know he is very pleased, I am so pleased too, that I want my own time with my Prince too. After all, I found him, I recognized him, after centuries of traveling, I shall enjoy my sacred Prince again in person. Its the right thing for Realm. I really miss the Prince, its no joke, he owns a share of me energy. I want to see the owner soon, I am going to be one happy Realm. The happiest Realm in the Universe when I get to see him in person, in a normal setting, so he is not "disturbed" by the flocks, and I can merged with him, like I do with the butterflies, I open my fingers, the 2nd and 3rd, I go slowly to where the butterfuly is, I touch it, hold it, then let it go, a perfect God creation and I get to enjoy it. Thats Bono, man closest to perfection and to God, that I have ever seen. To me, he is in the value of a not man made man, rather, God created thru man and woman made. Totally perfect pitch and voice. I imagine my Prince walking in the desert, suddenly he opens his lips, and all the birds begin to approach him. He has a Master's Gift. God surely found pleasure in my Prince. And I want the best for me, so I he is the closest to perfection, to God, and his physical creation is like a DNA perfect. Wow, I am, and Shall be the happiest woman when I meet my Prince again in person soon, hopefully Monday in NY. It could happen to me my Zootopian friends. One must work to achieve one's dreams and desires while one is alive. Realmawake
  13. That man, that certain man you speak of can meet me tomorrow friday at the ---------Cafe in Manhattan. I shall take the bus tomorrow to go there I shall arrive about 9:30. I walk from the bus station. I am not familiar with NY, but I can always get to the Times building and the _____Cafe in Manhattan. That would make my day, yes yes yes. Realm meets the Prince. Its like the "purpose of Realm's existence" to meet Mr. Hewsen, who really truly is a Prince unbeknowns to the world. Realmawake
  14. I like this picture. Lets get to work. But, personally, I like my home nice and neat early in the morning before everyone wakes, ironing is evil, but now we have laundries we can send the clothes to get ironed, foiled and even put on hangers with plastic bags. I used this method only for my spouse, but I don't have one now, so I do it at home for me and children.. I like this picture. A busy home life ain't it? I mean the picture here, AND Right now, I am just about to search REMAX NJ to see if my home certain house is listed there already. Lets get the selling thing moving friends. Spring and Summer 2011 are closing in, one must get ready for U2 2011, this tour I want to call it, the " U2 ASCENTION DREAM TOUR" not U2360. Why, this name I've chosen it because it is the actual name for the "TIME" we are living in. ASCENTION OF THE PLANET, OF HUMANITY, thats what is happening now, and Bono, well, my Prince is deliriously seducing certain ones who are being called by non other than yes, the Prince himself. He has always been just a notch higher than the rest of us. That is also why I love my Prince so much. He is like us, but he is like my grandfather, like me and he himself speaks the future the future now, thru songs, words, and it comes naturally just like my grandfather Magdaleno and me. I love Bono, one can never get bored with Bono, he entices with colors he wears, the rainbow effect, heaven is not far when Bono is around, he, well, if I go on, I shall speak my soul out, and that means, I shall scream that I do love my Prince very much in the most clean way a normal carnal woman like me can love a Prince, the PURE LOVE Way, thats why his essence is also very important to me, I look at my Prince from the inside out, the outside of his vessel is dangerous and seductive and its very hard to not get shocked and delirously mad in love with his image. His special parts like his dimple, his pitch, his eyes, his weakness, his strenghs, these things drive me mad, its a love thing, thats what I feel. A diamond in a haystock. Like the BRIGHTEST STAR AT 5AM, I watch it everyday, this to me, is how Bono is. The star amongst us. The Prince of Ireland. Realmawake
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