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  1. I am Realm. Seer of Bono, King of daisy1, The Sun. No one is paranoid. I am on the path of the Sun and I speak the truth. As does the person who wrote about my King. All comes in good time, nothing stays hidden. But, as I said about two days ago, I am in the path of the Sun. I am a daisy of the Sun, and now, with knowledge, I shall ask the Sun here in front of all, Are you coming to see your daisy captive? Sun. I await. I new it, Red meets blue flower King, who forgets his queen. I have a desire to meet you Sun. No point in being shy, in time all comes out. I am here, and I desire to ask f
  2. My inspiration comes from: Gods creation and his beauty, with The Sun King Bono. I can't separate them. They are foremost in my heart and thoughts. I am driven, I live because of them, because Bono filled my empty heart AND soul with a new kind of love together with God. He also gave me freedom I had never experience in my existence, I can roam the realms freely and I can bring his energy to me with my thoughts anywhere, usually when I am totally physically alone. Only Bono can Enter anytime, anywhere, its always a happy moment that makes my heart, and soul happy and extends my lifeforce.
  3. Prince, thats one of your personas. I mainly dwell in the realm of your third person, the spiritual one of you, your essence. But, You do delight me in all of your personas. You are so enchanting, I love to roam your realm but desire to pull you over to mine, your realm consist of pure energies, very clear and clean, and magnetic of course. Its a total positive energy realm when I enter, I am no longer in the regular energy zone. I feel your magnetic pull. I love to enter your realm, wish I could have you closer enchanting one. Prince, is there a way that I can convince you to meet me in NY, r
  4. well, I tell you this. 98.9% of my time, I am dreaming. cooking, cleaning, driving, washing clothes, dreaming, thinking of nothing, empty mind, but very sensitive to Bono, & U2. Awaken if you will. Concious of Bono. Like a mother, always with her children in mind. Thats how Bono is. When I sleep, I am living thru my dreams. When I am awake, I am in the physical realm, but dreaming of the life I have in my dreams, this means Bono is constantly in my soul. His voice soothes my soul, lowers my bilirubin or blood pressure. I become extremely happy, peaceful, calm, I feel in total love. I shall
  5. Bono, he just has to mentally travel back to a point in his time and their time (band) that they reach the peak, then turn around, and bring into the future the elements used to create that "high point" then, and do same here and now. Thats how it is done. Transport that "time" created with elements, use these elements of that time, now. I tell you, NLOTH, I don't know, but, it is clear to me, that "MAGNIFICENT" is one of those "PRIDE" songs that endure for times to come. Bono creates magic from within. I should know, I feel that magic within me. I wish to discuss my freedom with Bono. I shall
  6. What ever he said, I know he loves Africa. Who ever said we are perfect like Christ.? As for Bono, I love him unconditionally, to say anything against Bono is like saying anything against myself. One loves who one loves. Those negative things shall pass him by, he is too positive for us all, I have no time to listen to gossip, especially about negative Gossip, I really detest Gossip, but about Bono, no way Jose, that man is loved so much, that I have to say, no matter how they shake it, I still love my Prince Bono, for better or for worst, in death and in life, Bono is so so loved. Its appalin
  7. WOW, you speak the truth. Once we surrender our wills to GOD, nothing seems strong enough and we can overcome everything. You are so right. I like how honest you when you express yourself. Man refuses to surrender to a God they "can't see or feel", but thats where they are wrong, one must believe, have faith in what one doesn't see. No need for proof that God exist. Bono is one man God loves. I wonder what he was saying to God when they spoke in the back porch of my home. Bono was talkign to God up in the air, I felt his presence but I could not see him, Bono, did, because he was talking to Bo
  8. Thats an easy question to answer. My # 1 Band in the Universe, because I only know of ONE BAND that is disconnected from the rest of the bands because of what their purpose is amongst us and who are like a "sphere of light". With the world's greatest artist, most gifted, most enchanting, most handsome, most magnetic, Charismatic, the greatest guide of the masses is U2s/Prince Bono, followed by the magnificent 3, Larry, Adam, and Edge. Not your regular band members, again, disconnected from the rest of the bands of the world, because of their purpose, to free the masses, elevate as many as
  9. Oh, I feel like throwing up. So, the british wanted the blacks to be held back. British people are no better than black people, they all came the same way into the world, what do they think makes them better?. I don't understand this color business. Why do people say, black people, or hispanic people, why always address people by their colors. This is wrong. God made all colors, he didn't ask us to index them or judge them by their colors. South Africa is a melting pot. Why should the whites think they are better than the blacks, they came the same way into the world. Slavery was wrong, and is
  10. I would like to work as the Castle keeper. I shall also tend to the garden so there are fresh flowers in the castle all over so love reigns inside. Make sure the maids provide a most desired dietary plan for Bono. so as he could have a long life. I want my own own in the castle, like the maids room, in this current realm, so I can live in the castle like before. And to make sure there is a Room to honor Bono, this is a must have. I can't picture a home without his images in a room, his achievements, his works of love, he is better , known to me as the King, and a big huge frame picture of him
  11. Two happy is better than 3 unhappy. Thats the way I have always thought. This thought does not allow me to ever be selfish, or attch myself too tightly. I like love that is free to roam the realms, and it never dies, it only grows, one does not get corrupted, if one believes and has true faith. I am happy their love is light to many like their children. God, family is always first. And, I can't bear to see a child, even if they are overage, suffering, feeling of lost love, like their father or mother. I rather carry my cross and stay with my spouse, that way, my family is whole, the family is
  12. Today, is my crying day. The whole day, cooking and crying, sleeping and crying. Looking at Bono and crying. I am all tears today, and tonight, I see a picture of "Bono". Its been like no Bono pictures in the past 2 moths. I think I am being tested, like my faith being tested. But, its always a good time to see a man who brings happiness to many people, one who is a warrior for what is right for us all, not just a few. Thats Bono. I cried over his picture, and I say, take everything from me, just not the love I feel for my Prince. He stays. I swear, I feel like I am going thru the "JOB" in the
  13. I like Nelson Mandella. What a feeling when he came to NY, he paraded the streets of NY, and I was there with my family. He is a symbol of FREEDOM to me. I like total freedom, not freedom with someone having chains in peoples bodies or with other means. True Freedom is being able to roam the Great Source of God, like how I connect to Bono when I need something of him, the atmosphere, the feeling of the energy changes right there and then and you feel this surge of happiness come into you. Nelso is of age, has much wisdom. I wish him the return of his healh. We are the children of God, so to Go
  14. Edge and Bono should use caution with the Spider Man project. Bono is to bright, too big, too beautiful to just come by and not catch anyone's attention. Thats why all those accidents. If the show will go on, its okay. Its good for NY. But, must the Prince be there physically. I don't like the idea. I feel helpless when it comes to my Prince. It is so clear to me, because of his energy, I just want him to be safe where ever he is, and no one "NO ONE", has to fix their interest of my Prince in that "building", he is not up for grabs, . I wish they would just think of something else, not his big
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