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  1. Wondering if they're continuing the E & I tour in 2019 (i.e., maybe another US leg, South American or Asian leg, etc.)?  I vaguely recall some comments from the band that they might not do so--perhaps because they've been pretty busy with the I & E, JT, and now E & I tours--??  I sure hope there's more legs--the E & I tour is excellent (saw both 2018 Chicago shows).


    Whoops, sorry--just realized there's a thread on this topic a page or two down this list.  I'd delete this topic if I could to cut down on duplication, but I don't see a way to do that.

  2. Aaargh.  Yes, his code starts with that.  Did any additional instructions go out last night?  He's logged on to his TM account, and inputting his (completely previously unused, including for the US leg dates already announced and the JT tour) presale code--which is then accepted as valid.  Only when then searching for tix does the error message occur repeatedly.

  3. I do agree that "The Little Things" is OK.  Regarding SOI, do you mean "Cedarwood Road"?  (Cedars of Lebanon is from NLOTH).  I also agree that Iris, RBW, and CR are OK songs--but to me, they're just not particularly interesting musically (OK, I'll give Iris a little slack here).  And geez, SOI had awful tunes like California and Volcano.  Bottom line (for me)--SOI had a few terrible songs, a bunch of OK ones (which, however, lack distinction, so they don't do anything for me over time), and a few genuinely excellent ones.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Rich T. said:

    My point was that, while originally I was unimpressed with SOI, that I later came to much enjoy several of the tracks (almost the entire album as of Track 5 onward).  I expect that SoE will sound weak to me at first, but that then some tracks will rise to the top.  I have yet to give a listen to all the tracks.

    I'm sorry, you're absolutely right--I quoted you misleadingly.  To clarify, I agree with you for all PRE-SOI albums (i.e., grow on me with repeated listens), but definitely NOT with SOI (unlike you), and I'm very concerned I'll also "not grow on" SOE.  The issue for me is that most of the stuff on SOI (and the pre-release stuff on SOE) sounds very undistinguished/unoriginal and even trite (with the exceptions I mentioned above).  It's weird--it's like anybody could have made these records/songs.

  5. 4 minutes ago, Rich T. said:

    My pattern with U2 for many years has been to give a listen to each new collection of songs, think "meh, couldn't they have put out anything better?", then force myself to keep listening until I think the songs are fantastic, upon which I find myself pressed up against the rail to two consecutive shows, transported to a higher plane through the new songs.  I expect it to hold true this time, even though I'm actually only listening to the album for the first time right now, and thinking "meh, these are just any old songs that anyone could have knocked out without much effort".  Such is my strange relationship with U2 and their music.  And I've been going to their shows since The Unforgettable Fire tour.

    While I haven't heard the whole SOE album yet (just the 4 songs released beforehand), I'm quite concerned that I'll agree with you.  With SOI, for example, I gave it many listens, but ultimately concluded (excepting EBW--the live version, not so much the album version, Lucifer's Hands, and maybe The Troubles) that it's a mediocre album (which mostly doesn't even sound like them)--by far my least favorite U2 album.  What I've heard so far from SOE isn't encouraging, which is really disappointing.

  6. On 11/23/2017 at 7:33 AM, Tracy M said:

    Ok, but in fairness, that may have been the case anyway. Remember, participation in the presale has NEVER been a guarantee that you will get GA, or any other ticket, for that matter. I truly wish we could separate the people who were really shafted - and I know there were many - from those who simply did not get GA. It is much tougher to get GA for the smaller arena shows, and that has always been the case. I realize some of that this time was the result of the incongruity with ticket limits, but I will address that under separate cover. 

    Well, actually, in prior arena tours (excepting the first Vertigo leg, which was fixed), presale access pretty much DID ensure good-to-great GA/other good ticket access.  First, in the modern era, U2's first all-arena tour of the US was Elevation--and there were no problems whatsoever with u2 fan club GA availability (or great seats).  This (in part) is why the first Vertigo presale (also arenas) was such a huge flap--and had nothing to do with arenas being smaller, etc.  Larry himself acknowledged that the first Vertigo presale was a massive screwup, and things were promptly fixed for the rest of that tour.  Then, as we all know, the 360 tour went back to stadiums (for the first time since the POP tour), so that's not as relevant.  Then, as I mentioned in an earlier response, presale availability (both GA and good seats) for the 2015 I & E tour was still pretty good (perhaps showing some, but not a huge, decline vs. prior tours).  In light of all this, all in all, the current tour had clearly had vastly inferior presale allocations (both GA and seat quality) vs. prior arena tours.

  7. 8 hours ago, Tracy M said:


    While I agree to a point on this, the one thing that everyone keeps forgetting every time they quote "previous tours" is that the last 2 tours have been stadiums, with a significantly greater amount of floor space - and therefore, GA tickets. You have to go back to Vertigo in 2005 to compare to the number of GAs available in the arenas, and from what I have seen, many people here have cited that "this is the worst presale since Vertigo" or compared it to Vertigo in that manner. In other words, it was just as difficult to get GA for THAT arena tour due to the smaller venue size and reduced quantity available. And guess what? I remember very clearly getting tickets to 3 shows - none of which were GA until I did a private swap with someone who ended up not being able to line up for one of the shows in Toronto. 

    Well, no--the 2015 I & E tour (an arena tour) had way more GAs available for u2.com presales (vs. this time around).

  8. 15 hours ago, Matkin22 said:

    There's a reason for that, and that is we couldn't make that assertion without having the actual data in front of us; something that only Ticketmaster likely has and that they would not share under any circumstances except for legal reasons. Without being able to show that is actually true, we could not include it in the letter. We only presented what we could document.

    Not really buying it.  We did have actual data--namely, various u2.com subscribers posting that (e.g.) they couldn't get GA, even with getting on the TM sites right when the presales started.  This is quite clear for iNNOCENCE (where literally all these fans posted about this), and striking numbers of eXPERIENCE folks also had such problems.  This has literally and demonstrably never occurred before (in prior tours)--and that's a fact.  Same goes for the lousy seats offered.  OK, we don't have hard numbers, but clearly the allocation was substantially smaller/seats were inferior.

  9. Unfortunately, the original fan letter didn't mention (or only briefly and to a minor degree) one key additional issue:  That the u2.com presale allotment (I'm not talking about the ticket limit)--that is, the actual number (and quality, if seats) of presale tickets was markedly smaller than in previous tours.  This went beyond the iNNOCENCE folks basically having no chance at GAs--many eXPERIENCE folks couldn't obtain GAs either.  And the presale seats in general were clearly inferior.

    That is, there were two major sets of issues/problems:

    1)  Folks not getting codes, getting codes late, getting the "oops--you're not verified" thing, etc.  Basically, code screw-ups.  AND

    2)  The SIZE and QUALITY of the u2.com presale allotment, which was apparently markedly smaller and inferior to past tours (for both Experience and Innocence groups).  And, as the letter does say, the 2 ticket vs. 4 ticket (for citi folks) ticket limit disparity.

    The fan letter to Oseary says a lot about #1; very little about #2 (except regarding the Innocence group).

  10. There's no reason for any unused presale codes not to work for added shows--it's always worked that way in prior tours.  That said, given the awesome level of screwup in this initial wave, I'm concerned that there might be complications of some sort--let's pray not.

  11. Two things:

    1)  I got my u2.com presale email c. 1 hour ago.  But my wife (also experienced group) hasn't--??

    2)  In the email, it refers to a "link" involved.  What's this for??  Can't one just go to the TM site and put in the presale code?  Or does the "link" take you to some crucial intermediate location first??

  12. 1 hour ago, robfern said:

    No email here either.  I absolutely love U2 and have been to every tour that has come through Atlanta...the last two did not. However with the rumored pricing for this tour, I’m absolutely shocked, and sad at the same time.  

    I live 5 minutes from the venue, but just can’t afford these insane prices.  I hope we get better news tomorrow.

    I understand your concern re the prices generally, but am puzzled at your apparent surprise (?).  The current tour pricing is not much more than the last 2 (or even 3) tours.  OK, somewhat more, but not a lot (especially re GA).

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