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  1. I'd bet a zillion dollars that presale codes can be used for RZ. It's always been that way before (except way back, when RZ was sold through auction). I'd guess that RZ will either be in the regular Weds. presale (for RH) or maybe the Weds. Fan Club VIP presale (again for RH)--depends on what "category" RZ tix are. It would be nice to know before Weds. about this, for sure.
  2. Well, if the FAQ info so far is accurate, should be straightforward (especially for London & Croke--both UK TM). Just enter your presale code for one of those shows (there'll be a box for the presale code on the TM listing), buy two tix, and then enter the same presale code for the other show, and buy two tix. That's it--you should be fine.
  3. Has major advantages and disadvantages. Cuts down on scalping (good); makes trading tickets, dealing w/last-minute changes in your party, travel, etc. way harder (bad).
  4. Nobody knows for sure. But these stadiums are big, so there's lots of GA--so yes, most likely they will be available Thurs., I'd say--like Max just said. If it was an arena, maybe not.
  5. No, presale codes are nontransferable. If you bought seated tix with your remaining codes (e.g., for friends--even for different dates than your show), these are hard tix, and you could pass them on. GA (and probably RZ) tix, however, are "paperless", so you can't do that with those. You'd have to have your friends meet you at the show, and then they could get in with you with you showing your ID, etc. Big difference between seats (hard tix) and GA.
  6. Yet Ticketmaster shows that Red Hill and Wires Group presales will occur at exactly the same day and time... No, it doesn't. RH presale is Weds., Wires is Thurs. (see TM). Actually (I added this later), looks like for US dates the presale dates clearly differ for the two groups; less clear for some European dates (although I bet that will be added/clarified).
  7. Looks to me (from TM) like Wires VIP access is on Thursday (not Weds.), which would make sense. It's not entirely clear. There is a regular VIP onsale (the following week) and they do list (maybe for Wires?) a Thurs. VIP presale.
  8. Check the FAQ link on the tour page as well. But, so far no real info on prices except a large range ($35-$280 or so). Seems like GA will be $70/ea.
  9. Although--just saw in the other (General) forum that some European shows will have "Pitch 1" (closer) and "Pitch 2" (further away)--sounds like sections, with Pitch 1 likely being more expensive. I wish they did that in the US, but no sign of that so far over here.
  10. In the past, those have been sold separately (with Pitch 1 or its equivalent costing more). Who knows what they'll do now.
  11. Also, unfortunately, it appears as if there will be no sectioning of GA areas, which does produce some degree of things getting progressively more packed as you near the stage. In the old days, having a "heart" or "ellipse" helped quite a bit with this issue. Doesn't seem like there's anything like that this tour, however, which I think is bad news/a mistake.
  12. Wow, my experience is quite different--even in the US. I've done dozens of U2 GA shows, and I wouldn't say people are mindful of personal space anywhere near the stage. Well, actually, maybe that's not right--I guess it may depend on what you mean by "mindful of personal space". Yeah, generally folks aren't literally pushing on you, but things get pretty snug, with this getting more pronounced as you near the stage or catwalk. Also, if you're anywhere near the stage, leaving (e.g., to go to the bathroom) and trying to return to where you were is pretty dicey. Likely not as bad as Europe or SA, though, from what I've heard.
  13. RZ always has been way less jam-packed, so no need to push and shove. Well worth it IMHO, especially since there doesn't appear to be a "heart"/"ellipse" in regular GA this time.
  14. I notice that so far the actual information on ticket types (beyond the lowest and highest price) is basically completely lacking. Nothing on which tickets cost what, etc. Also, no info at all on Red Zone tix (price, when/how you buy them, are they a species of VIP ticket, etc.). It's hard to plan when all this is so sketchy! Mods, can you help?
  15. That would be really nice to know! They may (?) be one of the VIP options, or maybe just show up as a regular type of ticket.
  16. Yeah, but it's pretty clear from the (so far, very accurate) rumors that there will be (e.g., a 2nd Chicago show), given sales are going well, of course. Regarding janwillem17's question, that's a tough one. Usually, in the past (e.g., the 360 tour), added shows would just show up on TM (say, an hour into sales of the first show), and that would be that. No presale, no nothing. But, as I recall, for I & E 2015, U2 management would often wait for a bit, and then announce additional shows later--and that you could then use your remaining codes (if any) for these (I think). Anybody else remember how this went w/the I & E tour? So anyway, bottom line, it's unclear, which bites. I actually have this problem too.
  17. It's definitely pretty doggone expensive. RZ last time (in the US) had your own cash bar (maybe some chips or something for sale too; don't recall). The really big advantage of the RZ is being close and being able to leave and come back without any problem. Also, unless you want to be on the RZ rail, no real need to be there way early. Further, and I'm actually bummed about this, the JT tour appears as if there will be no GA "heart" of any kind (i.e., limited capacity but still regular GA zone--used to be in between the main stage and the (then) circular catwalk, on the 360 tour). In the good (and not-so-old) days, this meant if you got there early enough you could get a great spot, not be crushed, leave and come back if you needed to. Now, regular GA looks like one big mass--so being up front there will be pretty taxing. All this actually makes RZ tix more valuable this time.
  18. I saw the VIP nation info for Europe. Looked about the same at the I&E tour. No word on the USA VIP. Yeah, I don't see any US VIP info yet. And the Europe VIP info was pretty sketchy too, actually--and only seemed (?) to apply to seats (i.e., no travel deals, etc., yet). And nobody anywhere is saying boo about the Red Zone tickets, how much they are, etc.
  19. Strictly speaking, there are no RZ listings for any shows yet. But, the RZ is clearly shown on the London TM map, so they'll be having it there as well.
  20. As I recall, basically the same as the top seated ticket price. Actually, maybe a bit more--with fees, 1 RZ ticket cost me c. $350 US for one of the Chicago 2015 dates.. I'm fairly sure it was similar in the UK/Europe (although you guys paid somewhat higher ticket prices across the board, as I recall).
  21. You got me. Obviously, they'd have to build in some kind of real-time communication between TM (in the US and at least the UK) and European seller(s). On the other hand, I think (?) I vaguely recall during the 360 tour that US/Europe splitting seemed to work (although folks would have complained only if somehow they couldn't use their remaining codes, not if the European sellers simply didn't know about US code usage).
  22. Indeed it is! Thanks for pointing that out. I forgot about that. Yes, the code is on the Tour page as well, but for some reason it doesn't tell you (there) which group (Redhill vs. Wires) you're in. For that you need to go to your account page. Alternatively, the long-time subscriber codes (which can be used Weds.) all begin with U2JTA, whereas the "new" (Thurs. presale) codes all begin with U2JTB.
  23. Good point, unless they've somehow consolidated European sellers.
  24. Looks like you can. This is directly from the FAQ page for the tour.... Q - How Many Tickets can I buy? What is the ticket limit? A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to FOUR (4) tickets for any show or combination of shows (for example you can purchase 2 tickets for a show in New York and 2 tickets for a show in San Francisco, or 1 ticket for New York, 1 ticket for San Francisco, 1 ticket for London and 1 ticket for Rome.) Wow, thanks. That does look pretty clear.
  25. Looks like that's not possible. That is, only long-standing (RedHill) members will have Weds. presale access; newly joining members are "Wire" members, and won't have a shot until Thurs.
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