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  1. I'm surprised to hear (and many Europe folks have commented on this) that U2's sound in Europe (or at least England) has been pretty lousy--particularly since it was fine in the US legs of the 360 tour, which were also stadiums. I have no idea why there would have been such a difference. Come to think of it, though, maybe an important factor was that for the US 360 shows, I was almost always in the ellipse (on the floor) right in front of the band (vs. further away on the floor or in seats). And, for the two 360 shows where I was in seats, these were close (and again the sound was OK, although at least a bit worse than when in the ellipse)--so I have no idea what the sound was like in seats further away. Was the 360 sound in England bad at all the venues? (not that there were many of them, of course). And if so, even in the ellipse or otherwise fairly close on the floor? In any event, of course it's not OK for the sound to be bad anywhere in the stadiums (or arenas). Anyway, for an example of how good the US 360 sound could be, check out the audience bootleg for, for example, Nashville (also a great performance). This did have particularly good sound, though.
  2. Yeah, probably you're right--perhaps the intent is to improve sound further away from the stage. Closer, though, I'd agree w/Sigma957 that the new setup sound is actually slightly worse than the old setup.
  3. Well, in my opinion, the new "suspended" speaker deal is nothing to get excited about. I attended Chicago 1, 2, 3, & 4 a couple of months ago, and the sound was OK, but I don't think it was any better than in the past. I know some folks have really liked it (and it was supposed to be better), but I didn't think is was any improvement. I don't know, maybe the new setup improves sound if you're not in a good location. I always move mountains to be in a good spot (or seat), though, so I wouldn't know.
  4. You're fine. It's definitely per show, not overall.
  5. Oh, of course--I'm an idiot. Ireland is 5 hours ahead (not behind), so of course, EST would be 4 AM. Thanks!!
  6. For sure, you can try in the general onsale (Monday). It's clear that people outside Ireland can buy tix; for example, the presale is Ireland-only today, rest of world tomorrow (while this doesn't help us, it shows that overseas folks can buy tix). Of course, the regular onsale will be nuts--the tix will sell super-fast, I'm sure. In any case, for folks like you and me that might like to try, it'd be good to know for sure when they'll go onsale in the US. Again, I'm thinking 2:00 EST, but just want to be sure.
  7. Trying to figure out when tickets will go onsale Monday for us folks in the US (or anywhere outside Ireland in a different time zone). Of course, the announcement says 9:00 AM. But...is that Ireland time (which would be 2:00 US EST, right?). Or 9:00 AM local time, wherever you are? I'm guessing it's the former--because otherwise people in earlier time zones would have an advantage, which doesn't make much sense. Can anyone confirm?
  8. Re 2), current subscribers will get new codes for 2016 shows (the next leg). And re 1), while there has been no official announcement, I'm sure the "disappeared" unused codes from the 2015 leg will be restored to the appropriate folks, probably when the "maybe happening, maybe not" Dublin shows thing is finally resolved. After all, people would raise holy hell if they didn't.
  9. Unfortunately, the two nights are indeed pretty similar--actually only maybe 4 changes (not even 6 or 7). You might want to wait and see what happens when the European shows start, just to confirm that this is still the case.
  10. Thank you, Mike! Glad to help, Gustavo. I should also mention that apparently one reason for the delay in announcing the current Dublin dates is that the I/E stage won't fit in the O2, otherwise the most obvious venue. With this in mind, apparently there's some talk in U2's camp that they might play acoustic (!) shows there (presumably this would require less space). If so, that would certainly be a huge departure--unlike previous Dublin gigs, which have been essentially standard (maybe an extra song or so) otherwise.
  11. Yeah, I'd say it's a virtual certainty we'll get a normal U2 tour (several legs, at least two, maybe getting into three, years--including at least one return US leg). Who knows when Songs of Experience will be out, though.
  12. The main deal w/the Dublin shows is simply that they're in Ireland, U2's home country--so presumably U2 gets pretty psyched about playing there. Plus, lots of major fans from everywhere else go (or try to!), so altogether the atmosphere is usually pretty intense. They've played some legendary shows there--like Zoo TV in 1993 (which was broadcast over the radio; you can get a great bootleg of that), the Lovetown shows in 1989 at the Point Depot (again, some great bootlegs of those are available), and the Elevation show that's available on the "U2 Go Home" DVD. Generally, though, they don't do anything super-remarkable with their setlist, length of show, etc.--even in Dublin.
  13. I suspect these may not be live--certainly the documentary won't be. Also, HBO's mainly a US company, so if they showed a Paris show live it would be something like 2 or 3:00 in the afternoon here, which seems unlikely (?)
  14. Hi Peter, Rhi-- So you UK folks don't generally have access to HBO? I think HBO is lauching some kind of online standalone way to subscribe to their channel--perhaps that would be available. Good luck!
  15. There's no recent news that I know of, but before this year's legs started, various folks (including Edge) said they'd be doing a 2016 stadium leg(s).
  16. Hey folks-- Atu2 is reporting that HBO will show a tour documentary on Nov. 7 and one of the Paris shows on Nov. 14! Pretty cool, eh?
  17. Agree totally. I only like one of the regular shirts, and the special NYC shirt--that's it.
  18. I agree that anywhere close is pretty doggone loud, and I have a pretty high tolerance for such things. Just in case, bring some earplugs, although maybe you won't need them being further back.
  19. Joe, just saw a post from a GA person who went to both Sat. and Sun. (NYC 1 & 2)--said they started letting GA in around 5:45 both days. Definitely not 4:30!
  20. 4:30?? Really? That would be very different then for everywhere else, when it's been more like 5:30. 4:30 would be even stranger, given that the NYC start time is somewhat later. Are you sure?
  21. Everyone went inside at 5:30 regardless of ID, my impression was that we will all go in at the same time. As for the screen- AMAZING and you definitely want to see it if it is your first and only show. Since I have already seen it, If I don't get front rail in red zone, or depending on how crowded the E stage is when we get in.. I may just go directly there... Either way, no words can explain how amazing the show is… Hi Gina-- Thanks again for the info! To clarify my earlier suggestion, if you can indeed get in with RZ folks on time, I'd definitely suggest you get there early (say, 3:00, maybe even a bit earlier) to make sure you're early in the RZ line. Then, when they let you and the other RZers in (which occurs about the same time as letting regular GA in), you'll basically have your pick of any regular GA or RZ spot you want. You could be center front stage, on the rail at the b-stage, whatever. In other words, if you like, you can use your RZ ticket as a "super-GA" ticket, where you can get prime GA spots but only need to wait a fraction of the time you would to get a similar (regular GA) spot if you were in the regular GA line. This is a major advantage of having RZ tix, if one cares to do this. With this in mind, one more question (sorry I'm being so obsessive about this, but it applies to your options as well!). You say that your impression was that all the RZers, with ID or not, entered at the same time (i.e., when they start letting RZ in, c. 5:30). Are you sure? Were there any non-TM rebuyers (e.g., ebay, like you) there that you knew of, who then entered on time? Chances are good that there were, but just wondering if you actually saw/heard of this. The reason I ask again is that "Emma" apparently told some people who texted her earlier (I think for the MSG 1) show that she was going to have people without the original ID wait until near showtime to enter--but now it sounds like maybe she's shifted, and letting everybody in on time (but perhaps holding back on the commemorative ticket or whatever). Obviously, this affects people (like you) who rebought RZ (but not through TM)--i.e., whether they should show up earlier to get a better RZ (or regular GA) spot, or whether this would be pointless.
  22. No need to be bummed--the RZ actually has many advantages. For example, with your TM-bought tix, you can get there earlyish for RZ (maybe 4:00, say), and when you get in the RZ, immediately leave for whatever regular GA spot you want. That is, you can treat your RZ ticket as a VIP regular GA ticket, and get great regular GA position if you prefer. Or, you can stay in the RZ (see my response to Gina for specific suggestions), and that can work out really well too.
  23. Hi Gina-- Thanks for the report. One important detail, though--when emma said that folks with (non-TM) RZ tix would get in, did she say that they'd have to wait until close to showtime? Or only (as you mention) that they wouldn't get the "commemorative" RZ ticket? This also affects you, since if you want an RZ spot up on the main stage rail you should be early in the RZ line. One other thing--I had RZ for Chicago, and thought it worked out quite well. As you saw from your seats tonight, it's good to be able to see the whole screen (which is difficult up close to the main stage). I actually think the best RZ spot is about halfway up--still close to the main stage, but able to see the screen. Also, following some other RZers' advice, I suggest leaving the RZ around intermission and going into regular GA down by the b-stage. You'll have a great view there, and can then simply return back down to the RZ, no sweat. Remember, RZ can go in and out of regular GA at will. OR...and you'll like this, I think...if you want, just go directly to the b-stage in regular GA from the get-go.
  24. It'll be good to hear from more people, but according to Emma (the main RZ guru who's actually in charge of this), people in your position WILL get in to the RZ--but will have to wait until close to showtime to enter (unless you rebought through TM itself, in which case you're on the list, just bring your own ID). At the same time, by all means, anybody who had (non-TM) resold RZ tix for these first two shows, please tell us what happened!
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