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  1. They will absolutely, positively add a bunch of dates--especially the day after currently scheduled shows in major markets (e.g., Chicago, NYC, etc.). Regarding adding completely new cities, they do that occasionally--look for big "gaps" in the currently scheduled shows. But, who knows where those would be.
  2. I agree completely. They should weed out scalpers, etc., and then let everyone else (e.g., folks like us) have at it.
  3. yes, but that's not the issue. The FAQs now seem to say that u2.com members are not even guaranteed a presale code!
  4. Hi Tom-- I wouldn't believe them--I'd believe the info for the TM date in question (click on "more info" toward the top).
  5. regrettably, I agree--and it would be pretty outrageous (especially for experience folks) to not get a presale code.
  6. Added shows in major markets WILL happen--although, in my experience, these are almost always after, not before, the original date (here's looking at you, tvham). wawa049, I'd guess you're very likely to see an added show on the 26th (but probably NOT the 27th--these days, they always skip a day when they have two dates in a row. So, no way they do 25/26/27).
  7. Wow! Great info! Thank you so much for being so considerate and helpful.
  8. I'd bet money that's a snafu--among other things, as mentioned earlier in this thread, different people in similar subscription/bought JT presale tix are receiving conflicting email instructions--which simply cannot be right. Also, the FAQ/published rules are very clear, and it'd be foolish to not obey those, unless they are specifically countermanded by the mods (or actually changed).
  9. I agree. This RZ placement (pretty much identical to the 2015 tour) is pretty lousy, especially for the price. JT RZ was much better, as you could get right up next to the b-stage.
  10. Well, it's been this way for years and years; it's not some new development. Plus, doesn't seem unfair to me--after all, this year's (2017) subscription gave presale dibs on 2017 (JT) shows, while next year's does the same for 2018 I & E shows (a completely different tour, occurring a year later). What's unfair about that?
  11. It's true, in this RZ you do have the possibility of being right in front of the Edge or Adam (depending on the side)--but only for brief periods.
  12. Hi other folks intending to see the Chicago shows (hopefully!). My wife and I will be coming from out of town, so we're thinking about staying in a hotel (maybe in the Loop area--??)--but then also wondering how to get to the show and back. Any tips/ideas??
  13. Yes--but then you're done (presale-code-wise).
  14. Folks, whether we like it or not, seems to me the rules are clear (see FAQs, etc.). Everybody has to renew UNLESS you're both currently paid up AND didn't use any presale codes for the JT tour.
  15. Unfortunately, I agree with Bigwave (and am in the same situation, cellphone-wise). I strongly suspect they'd treat that like using the same credit card for two different memberships, etc.
  16. Yep. And if the RZ placement really is pretty much what it was in 2015, it's definitely not worth it (IMHO).
  17. To make things even less clear, different venues say different things about the ticket limits, and some aren't clear at all. For example, I saw one venue that said that the presale limit was 2 "for all presales" (perhaps contrary, depending on the venue, to tomschaedler below), and some others that say nothing. It would be very, very helpful to have more clarity on all this.
  18. The u2.com presale ticket limit is 2 (for the whole 2018 US leg). The citi and TM ticket limits are almost certainly per show, not per tour. Regarding the ticket limit per show INCLUDING any presale tix for that show, venues differ--read the extra info on the TM page for that show (some venues have this info, some don't, yet).
  19. Actually, I think Europe/UK folks will end up having to do something similar--the terms for those folks aren't clear yet.
  20. No, it won't. However, you must be careful to not exceed the ticket limits (which, I might add, are not yet clear on some of the dates).
  21. Bonoisgod, I hear you. They actually used to do three levels--as recently as the 360 tour--which was great. Now, just the two levels.
  22. Wow, really? That seems quite odd to me. Stateless, what happens when you are signed in on U2.com and go to the tour page? Right now, by each date, there's a "check setup" button on the right, which makes it look like the "each desired city" thing might apply. But, if you got yourself setup on u2.com for the u2.com presale, and then those buttons now all "check out" when you click them, that would answer the question for sure!
  23. Popmartijn, you're fine. If you didn't buy JT tix on your current sub, you're in business (and as you've seen, you successfully completed setup, etc. Just remember you have to do this for each date you want to try to get tickets for). And thegrunter and zoomcat, as long as you didn't use your CURRENT sub for JT tix, you're fine too (although as Bigwave said, you need to setup your verified fan thing--see FAQs on U2.com, your account page, etc.).
  24. Yeah--my wife and I are in the same situation, but we've never had a problem. The key is using different credit cards for each u2.com and TM account (and now with the new regime, different cell numbers)
  25. I'd very much like to know this as well; I have a similar situation.
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