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  1. Great. It's really annoying to not know what the CCE situation is going to be (although it's good to hear that parents, etc. won't have to physically attend if they buy tix for kids, which was a big problem last time). I say this because it affects plans, etc. If I had to guess, I'd say that both GA and Red Zone (but not seats) will be CCE, as has been the case for the last two tours.
  2. So far, stage setup indeed looks like the 2015 "Innocence" tour, with the placement of the Red Zones identical to that tour. And while prices aren't super-clear yet, almost certainly the RZ price will be very close to the top seated ticket price (c. $300/per).
  3. Better position! When I did RZ on the 360 tour I did this every time.
  4. No, that's incorrect (or at least was not the case usually). In past relevant tours (360 and SOI), They let RZ in shortly after, not before, regular GA (at least on almost all, if not all, shows).
  5. The Springsteen method/solution is clearly the way to go. Fair, and totally eliminates all the above problems. C'mon, U2, do this!
  6. While I'm in the US, I totally agree with the above sentiments. Shameful--especially for dedicated fans who wait years for these opportunities.
  7. mike7man


    Bummer. I was lucky to hear it in one of the Chicago shows.
  8. Hi-- Shannon, no--there's only one GA entrance (here, Cree), as usual (the Cleveland info sent to GA ticketholders makes that clear). What this info doesn't say is where to get the doggoned early wristbands--a rather important piece of info to omit!
  9. Yeah to the above. I'm not surprised he needs to cheat a little (re top end)--what concerns me is the (relatively minor but noticeable) control problems. For what it's worth, my own sense (and from listening to a zillion bootlegs) is that, excepting the usual beginning-of-tour issues and the occasional one-off problems, he sang quite well (especially in the latter part of tour legs) all the way up through the 360 tour (OK, not up to his Zoo TV peak, but close)--but has had some control issues (and more top-end conservation tricks, although that doesn't bug me) pretty much from SOI to date. Given that he's only 57, that does surprise me. So--my own sense is not one of a gradual decline to date (OK, may some of this from Zoo TV-360, but not much), but then a fairly notably, step-like control loss beginning with the SOI tour. Come to think of it, I really wonder if this might somehow (?) be connected to that nasty bike injury before SOI. Seems unlikely, but does coincide time-wise with recent decrement (which, since it "set in", has been pretty consistent).
  10. Yes, lots of good info. But...not having any kind of GA inner circle/ellipse as in the 360, Vertigo, & Elevation tours is a real bummer because the closer you are, the harder it is to leave/come back to your spot to go to the bathroom, etc. Vertigojds--what was all that like for you? And what the experiences of others who got reasonably close like along these lines?
  11. I hate to say this, but I'm pretty concerned about Bono's voice. Pretty much throughout the SOI tour, he was a bit shaky--nothing huge, but he doesn't seem to have the control and precision he's had in the past (not counting miscellaneous shows where he's had some trouble for one reason or another). Often in past tours, the first part of the tour might be a bit shaky, but then he'd settle down and sound quite good more or less consistently. When this didn't happen in the SOI tour, I was concerned, but thought, hey, maybe the injury messed up his preparation. But--now we're in the JT tour, and he still sounds a bit shaky (again, mainly not having the control he's had in the past). Indeed, I haven't heard a single show from the SOI or JT tours that matched the singing level of his better 360 (or Vertigo) shows. For example, compare the bootleg of Nashville (360) with anything from SOI and JT. I'm still a huge fan, going to lots of shows, etc., but worried that this may reflect a permanent (?) decline in his singing.
  12. Re question 1, no--you must ALL be present right when you check in (wristbands, etc. are put on immediately). Re question 2, again, I wouldn't count on that. In Chicago, once checked-in and "wristbanded", we immediately moved to another line nearby where we waited to be let in the venue. If someone had showed up after I got in this line and claimed to be ahead of me re some prior numbering, I wouldn't have allowed it (no one tried to).
  13. You'll probably need to consult with the venue box office when you arrive. They should be able to "untangle" you so that you can then enter independently.
  14. Unfortunately, I can't help you myself--I won't be at that show. I'd suggest posting under the specific site for that show (there's one for each date) and seeing if someone can help you.
  15. But--if someone here is willing, they can buy the tix and meet bonsmellyarse at the show.
  16. That happens when many folks are trying to get tickets--I've seen it occur before (especially in regular onsales). When traffic calms down, the (better) zoom thing will return. Sucks, though--because it can (as it did with you) prevent/delay being able to do the zoom thing.
  17. That's where the line was when my wife and I did RZ for Chicago 2 two days ago.
  18. I wouldn't count on the number thing (particularly if you're gone for any length of time)--it sort-of broke down in Chicago 2 RZ anyway. Plus, you can get a great RZ/rail spot just getting in line at the check-in tent an hour or so before it opens (i.e., get there at c. 3:00, check-in opens at 4:00). If I were you I'd tailgate in advance if you like, but once you get to the RZ check-in area, get in line and stay there (which won't be for that long anyway).
  19. Had RZ with my wife at Chicago 2 yesterday. We got there at 3:30; there was a line at the check-in tent (maybe 40 or so). This position was good enough (although barely) to get rail at the b-stage--which was phenomenal (didn't hurt that it was a great show). To be safe, somewhat (but not a lot) earlier should do it--I'd be amazed if 1:00 didn't get you close to your pick of RZ position. Good luck!
  20. Yes. Bring the (old) card that you bought your tix with, and you'll be fine.
  21. Hi RZ veterans-- Could you folks describe what the procedure is like? I see from the RZ email (for me, Chicago 2) that there's some kind of "check-in" area. I gather one gets one's RZ wristbands then? Do you get actual paper tickets as well? Once you're "checked in", can one leave the area for a while, or do you have to remain in some cordoned area? And once having checked in, then there's some kind of line for RZ entrance proper? It'd be helpful to hear from now RZ-experienced folks what the deal is--thanks!
  22. Hmm. Well, ddarroch, given the boom camera, what would you suggest, RZ location-wise? Maybe the bottom of the tree (?)
  23. Hi Everyone who's been to a show so far-- Around when does the opening act come on & finish? And about when does U2 come on? And finish? I'm guessing that with their current (slightly short) set list, they're probably done after almost exactly two hours (?).
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