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  1. Ah, thanks for clarifying! Sorry I apparently misread you.
  2. OK, great! Have a fantastic time! Hopefully you can give us an RZ report later (recommendations, etc.)...
  3. More thoughts/advice from folks on the GA experience (now with no inner circle/ellipse/etc.)?? I'm surprised there isn't a big thread on this subject---normally folks have lots of opinions, experiences, etc.! And speaking of which--where's the usual "master thread" from Joe Ahorro on this subject?? Joe, inquiring minds want to know...
  4. Bigwave, I honestly don't get it. Yeah, OK, you and others may sometimes want to film the band, but how can you justify blocking others' view? To do so is no small thing--it really affects the experience of the "view-blocked" party. And just to be super-clear, I'm not talking about a brief pic here and there--I'm talking about when people do this for significantly longer.
  5. I'm fine with people snapping the occasional pic or two. The real problem is that surprising numbers of people hold up their phones for prolonged periods.
  6. Yeah--unfortunately, seems pretty clear that being close to the main stage is NOT the way to go. B-stage, definitely--that way, very close for the B-stage songs, and much better view when they're on the main stage.
  7. Took a look in the U2.com store at the bomber jacket. Looks pretty cool, but $200 for what appears to be a nylon jacket? Hmm...
  8. Ah, the store is listing more items than they did at first--that's helpful! Thanks.
  9. Thanks! I actually did see that before, but was hoping for more (there's various items one can't see very well). Still, those pics helped--very thoughtful of you to link them here.
  10. Hey Brdthomp-- Thanks for the info--appreciate it!
  11. OK, found some "straight-on" pics of the stage. It's at least as bad as I thought--RZ is indeed very much off to the left (at least 2/3, maybe 3/4). Ouch.
  12. Hi all-- I looked around on our site a bit and couldn't find anything. Anybody have any pics of the merch stands?? (To get an idea of what's available).
  13. I would totally love that!!
  14. Sure it does--it blocks others' view!
  15. I'd love to see something like this done. And the band/management could do it, if they really wanted to (they may worry it would piss some people off). The core issue, IMHO, as some others have said, is that it directly affects the sightlines of others around the "filming/chronically picture-taking" person(s) in question. I don't see how this is defensible under ANY circumstances--?? Yo--Bono, U2--make this stop! Apparently you guys don't really like this obnoxious trend either (?!)
  16. Can you say more?? What do you mean by "the view changed"? Could you see them on the main stage at all if you were close to the main stage?
  17. OK, sure--but prior (e.g., 360) RZ experiences aren't relevant now (I went to a bunch of those too), because the new JT RZ is very different (i.e., only on one side--and it does look at least 2/3 of the way to the left of center stage). In fact, the "large view" pic above seems to suggest that that's the best-case RZ scenario--the ramp itself (which forms the center-most boundary of the RZ) seems about 2/3 of the way to the left. Along the same lines, other postings I've seen have said, for example, that the whole band (when they're on the main stage) is to the right of the walkway. If that
  18. Besides the problems getting in the venue (card scanning delays, etc.), what do folks suggest re GA, strategy-wise? How early should one line up to have a shot a being reasonably close (say, main stage, centerish, 5-10 rows/people back)? Perhaps most importantly, this is the first GA in a long time with no pit/inner circle/ellipse, etc., right? (A real bummer, in my opinion). So what's it like if you're reasonably close? Do things get super-packed? And what about issues with going to the bathroom, etc., and getting back to where you were? I'm worried that these and related issues wi
  19. Hmm. Following up on the reply I just posted, I've seen some posts saying that when U2 is on the main stage that they're entirely (even Edge) to the right of the ramp--is this correct? If so, that seems to suggest that the RZ (particularly the closer to the main stage one is) is quite a bit to the left of the entire band--?? If so, I'd think that one probably wants to be closer to the B-stage, which would also give a better (more straight-on) view of the main stage--??
  20. How could you have been to four RZ's now? There's only been 3 shows so far--? Also, when you say there's not a bad place to stand, what about the RZ being so far off to the left of the main stage?
  21. Some Europe venues (maybe UK? Ireland?) do have "Pit 1" and "Pit 2", with one section being closer.
  22. I don't agree. RZ tickets are, in effect, simply deluxe GA tickets--and as such, RZ ticketholders can either go to/stay in regular GA if they want or have the option (which the overwhelming majority do) of going to/staying in the RZ. Also, it's worth noting that at past shows, regular GA was let inside c. 1/2 hour before RZ is (at least most of the time). Given these factors, this whole thing is really an nonissue (i.e., very few RZ folks want to go instead for prime regular GA spots anyway, and even if they did, regular GA still has a bit of a time jump on them).
  23. Good to hear your info on this. I called TM on the GA situation, and they said don't worry, just show your (i.e., my) card. The email response I got (from TM) wasn't super-helpful, unfortunately--the person who responded to my email didn't really understand what I was asking. However, even so, in the TM response it was clear that as long as I was there (with my card) that everything would be fine (TM also advised bringing the order receipt--accessible on TM). From your post above, however, it sounds like you were told that as long as your wife has your card, you'll be OK. Bottom line, loo
  24. Seems unlikely, unfortunately. When they added the extra Europe shows (London2, etc.), they called these the "final" (European) dates.
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