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  1. Don't know about DC venue specifically, but in every prior U2 show I've been too (lots of them), the parking lots (at least some areas in the overall lot structure) open way earlier (because of the GA folks). Good luck.
  2. That's the way it was w/I & E too. My point is that usually the term "will-call" implies that you can come, pick up actual tickets, and then leave/come back later, etc. This is not the case w/RZ--really, it's still CCE, just with an initial step where you get the wristbands (which requires you to produce your CC), and then must go immediately in--just as you say. So it's misleading that TM calls it "will-call". And sure, it's nice to have a separate RZ entrance.
  3. Actually, it's very likely that RZ tix are also (ultimately) CCE as well. That's the way it was on I & E. You will not "pick up" actual RZ tickets (only the special souvenir one).
  4. Lots of people spend money on travel/vacations--for the most part, I don't. So spending some serious cash every 3-4 years is doable.
  5. Me too, basically. Have GA for Chicago 1; Red Zone (yay!) for Chicago 2; GA for Cleveland.
  6. Yeah! Saw them way back (for the 1st time) in Cleveland for the original JT tour in 1987.
  7. Stadiums are huge. You'll be able to arrive pretty late and still end up closer to the band in GA than in virtually any seat in the house. This is because GA folks will be spread out all over the (long) rails and behind them, and because even the closest seats in stadiums are pretty far from the stage (much further than in arenas).
  8. Yes. Boston was unusual (maybe the only US venue) where this is possible. Bites for all sorts of reasons (e.g., yours).
  9. Thanks for your thoughts/advice, everyone. I called VIP TM and they simply allowed me to add my name as pickup up my wife's order, so (thank God) the RZ situation is settled. I potentially have the same issue with our Cleveland GAs, but like Jeff says, they basically never check IDs for those--only credit cards. Just to be thorough, I emailed TM support and asked for a response explicitly "clearing" us. I'll keep everyone posted, and good luck in your own situations!
  10. For regular GA, yeah. For RZ, my main worry, I think they will check IDs.
  11. Hmm. My sell option is still there (although don't know if it will work). The fact that you got as far as you did suggests it may eventually work. Maybe long shot, but conceivably your sell button didn't show because the TM system thought you were already in the middle of that process. If you haven't already, try closing the TM window/tab, clearing history, maybe even completely restarting--and look again to see what's up. Or maybe it might show up again after some time for the system to realize your earlier attempt is really over (?). Good luck; keep us posted!
  12. Weird. I just checked on some Cleveland GAs I have, and the "sell" button still shows (I have no idea if it works; it didn't when I experimentally tried it before the general onsale just to see if it was really possible at that time). So it makes no sense that your "sell" button for seats disappeared, and my "sell" button for GA is still showing up. Oh, and on another thread, someone relayed that TM told them that after ticket audits are complete, we'll be able to transfer tickets (?!?). If so, that would obviously be very helpful. Needless to say, one super-aggravating thing about all this is the incomplete/contradictory TM info. One would imagine (?) that if selling (and/or transferring?) were really going to be just plain not allowed, the "sell" buttons should never show up at all. But hey, that assumes that TM actually behaves consistently and logically, which they often don't. So we'll see....
  13. Wow, that would be really handy (i.e., being able to transfer tickets). Regarding your question, your TM account and your u2 accounts/presale codes are two different things. Whomever's code you used, if you buy tickets on your TM account, then (not surprisingly) all such tickets show up on your TM account. It sounds like (using your TM account) you bought 2 using your code, and 2 with your husband's code. So...you each should have two tix still available for each code (although presales are basically over now anyway), even though the tickets all show up under your TM account. And no, you're not at your limit (regarding use of your presale code).
  14. Thanks, Max. Yeah, I should definitely call TM to be sure. Anyone else have thoughts? What about the simpler scenario I mention? (although in my/my wife's case, it actually is a joint CC account).
  15. If the reseller is on the level, you should be OK--but, as mentioned above, the reseller has to actually show up at the venue themselves and meet you there. Basically, same thing as if a friend (i.e., not you) bought them.
  16. My wife and I each (buying separately, using our own distinct presale codes and TM accounts, and different credit card accounts) were lucky enough to get 2 RZ tix each for Chicago Sunday 6/4 (we're going with another couple). My question concerns my wife's order. Ticketmaster's Credit Card Entry (CCE)/RZ instructions basically say that to pick up RZ tix requires presenting a photo ID and "matching" credit card. Here's the deal: We realized after she purchased her tix that our joint CC account (for which we both have cards), even though it's a joint account, ends in two different numbers (the final two digits) for "her" card and "my" card. I'd never seen this before; in the past whenever we've had a joint account, the CC account numbers on the two cards were always identical. Anyway, we'd previously set up her TM account not realizing this, and for payment listed "my" [joint] CC number (thinking it would be the same as hers). So--here's my worry/question: For her RZ tickets, the ticket people at the venue will see that my name is on the purchasing card--and hence might (?) object that her picture ID and the name on the purchasing card do not "match". I could respond that it's actually a joint account (which is why, among other things, the TM transaction went through in the first place), and I've even gotten a letter from my credit union explaining that this really is a joint account--and hence does actually "match" her as a purchaser, despite her name not being physically on the card with the CC number used to actually buy the tix. I myself will also be there with her to explain/show "my" card, etc., of course. Nonetheless, I have nightmares that the ticket window folks won't understand this. After all, I myself never knew before that joint CC cards could end in different numbers. So mods/anyone--any thoughts? It occurs to me that there's a simpler scenario that, if it's OK, ours would surely be as well. Namely, what if one uses someone else's credit card to buy tix on one's own TM account (like a card from a parent or friend or whatever). If the owner of the purchasing credit card is also there at the show, is this OK? (Even though the picture ID and CC name won't match in this situation either). If it is, then that's it, I don't need to worry. If not, then I've got to rely on somehow convincing the ticket window folks that "my" card is actually a joint card legitimately associated with my wife. Sorry for the long post--it's tough to describe this situation succinctly.
  17. One thing worth noting - the map may change. I have no inside information, but when the I&E tickets went onsale in 2015, all seating charts clearly showed the Red Zone as being attached to the catwalk/b-stage area. However, when the tour actually began, it turned out that the Red Zone areas were actually attached to the front sides of the main stage - in other words, in a completely different location than was on the seating chart. So right now, while the map does indicate that it will be in front of the stage adjacent to the catwalk, I'm not gonna believe that's the spot until I actually see it. I understand your caution, but am pretty sure it's a different situation this time. For I & E, it was clear (to some of us, anyway), that the initial maps were incomplete/vague/unreliable--it was a huge discussion topic here on the boards. Indeed, that's way I didn't buy any RZ tickets last time when tix went on sale. And you're right, of course--the RZ location changed markedly (and much for the worse, IMHO). This time, the maps are much more detailed and specific from the get-go. I'd say it's almost certain that the depicted RZ is where it will actually be (this time).
  18. The thing is... I had Red Zone for Croke Park 360 tour and while it was incredible and we got a great spot by the rail - we only seemed to be able to get into the 'Outside ring' and not the 'inner red zone'. I still have no idea why that was. I guess the red zone only got you so far and if you wanted inside the area with the bridges etc that was the 'pit' and you would have had to have queued all day? The 360 RZ was what you're calling "the outer ring". There was no "inner red zone"--that was 360's version of the GA inner circle/ellipse/etc. as on previous tours. That said, with RZ, you could just leave the RZ and then go into the inner ring along with regular GA--this is what I usually did with 360 RZ tickets. This meant that with RZ, you didn't have to queue all day, because RZ and regular GA were let in at about the same time. Indeed, with RZ you didn't have to actually enter the RZ at all--once you got to the floor, you could simply go into the entrance for the inner circle (rather than the RZ) to begin with. With the JT RZ, though, we're right up against the rail(s) to begin with.
  19. Nope--it looks like ALL presale sales aren't transferrable, not just GA.
  20. That's what non-transferrable means, though. You can't transfer them, for free or for money, to anyone else. Not exactly. TM distinguishes "transferring" from "reselling"--so to be clear, TM should have simply said that neither transferring or reselling would be possible.
  21. Wow. I thought I'd heard it all this time around, but apparently fans can't even resell SEATS if bought in the presale. This causes huge problems, as many fans bought iffy seats originally in the presale, but then later landed GA or whatever, but are now stuck with their seats?? Yuck. Is this really true? I had thought early reports of this were maybe because the public onsales hadn't started, but apparently folks with presale seats STILL can't resell their seats, even after the public onsale?? WTF? Has anyone (with seats) tried hitting the "sell" button? You should get a code which you can then input. Before public onsale, one would then get a "you can't do this" response--which I thought would change once the public onsale began. Why else even have a "sell" button show up in the first place for those tix?
  22. How do you guys plan to trade?? With CCE, seems impossible.
  23. Super-unlikely. If they did, it definitely wouldn't be the preceding Friday--they never play 3 days in a row, ever.
  24. I think a huge problem in many of the presales was not only the seat selection available (often not so great) but the unpredictability/unevenness, timewise, of what became available when. What I mean is this: Many times, as some posts above indicate, being right on time at the beginning of presales, etc., actually didn't work well at all--with mediocre (or worse) seats being offered, no GA and/or RZ availability, etc.. Then, inexplicably, various better seats (and GA and even RZ) would become available later. All this wreaked havoc, as a fan trying to get tix through the presale, with figuring out/understanding what was going on. In the past, it's been way more straightforward, with basically everything in the allotment (which included some quite good stuff) being available right from the get-go. So, for example, if after a few tries no seats better than X appeared, you could be confident that those really were the best available and proceed accordingly. Now, time and again, fans have noted that better stuff was often available later rather than earlier--but yet had (understandably) felt they had to pull the trigger earlier for worse seats/tix. A huge mess. And it does seem, even including times where better seats became available later, that the overall quality of the allotment for members has declined noticeably. In fact, I'd say fanclub allotment has steadily gotten worse ever since Vertigo (not counting the original presale problem there--which, when later fixed, was fine). 360 wasn't as good as Vertigo, I & E worse still, and JT worse yet. And of course, let's not forget the inclusion of significant numbers of "VIP package" seats, which of course takes some good seats out of circulation. Oh, and yet another mind-blowing mess was the stark contrast many fans experienced with trying for tix online vs. using the phone app. Even when both methods yielded choices, often the latter were better! It's as if online folks are being discriminated against (or, more likely, somehow TM has a better-functioning system through the phone app than online). Aargh. And finally--apparently even fans who bought SEATS in presale can't resell them!! (vs. seats bought in public onsale, which can). This causes tons of people major problems, particularly because the FAQ said nothing about that (only mentions no transfers).
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