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  1. Did you try to use them both for the same show? If so, that's riskier (as you may have unfortunately found out). We've always been careful to use our codes for different shows.
  2. It all depends on whether they do presales at all for any added shows. Hopefully, they will (and did do so with the I & E tour).
  3. With added shows in the I & E tour, there were presales. Hopefully that will be the case again this time.
  4. Not with the I & E (last) tour. There, presales happened with added shows as well. Now, in previous U2 tours, usually what you said is what happened--but not with I & E. What happens now? Who knows, but I & E, being most recent, is perhaps the best guide/guess.
  5. Thanks for responding, Max--we'll all stay tuned.
  6. Hi--no big deal, but this section is about RZ, not regular seats (see Croake park regular section for that).
  7. There has never been any kind of lottery system for GA for U2 shows/tours in the past--ever. Doesn't mean there won't be this time, but if the past is any guide, there won't be. It's always been 1st-come 1st-serve.
  8. I hope that there's some clarity on this before the public onsales start. Otherwise, fans are in a tough spot, not knowing if they can trade their presale tickets if something better shows up in the public onsale.
  9. Are you sure? Could you check your "order details"? If that's really the case, Boston actually isn't credit card entry (!) Wow. So confusing with different venues doing different things.
  10. I'm actually glad there's a 4-day delay, because it gives some time to take stock after the presale. Also, I don't agree with your analysis re demand, etc. Anyone who wasn't a member/in the presale will simply have been focused on the regular onsale date to begin with; for the general public, it makes no difference how much earlier the presales were. And if you did participate in the presale, you're already a significant fan, so a few days before the regular onsale won't diminish one's ardor (or even be helpful; see above).
  11. Yes, I agree--especially given the many problems in these initial presales.
  12. Thank you, Bigwave (and all the mods!). Please keep us informed (including whether anything can be done about the current shows!)
  13. Ah--so maybe things will change (i.e., become sellable, at least at some venues) after the public onsale. It'll be good to find out. Unfortunately, though, this kind of thing would be really handy to know NOW. For example, say I got presale tix, but try (and succeed) in getting better tix at the public onsale. Right now, we don't know if I'm permanently stuck with the original presale tix or not. Needless to say, this makes planning very difficult.
  14. The help section on Ticketmaster "seems" to be clear: (but you never know with TM, could change overnight) Can I sell Credit Card Entry tickets? That’s up to the artist, team, or venue! If they give the green light you’ll see a Sell button when you click the order number under Order History in My Account. If you don’t see the Sell button it’s probably because the tickets are in high demand, and the artist, team, or venue wants true fans like you to get the seats you want at face value by eliminating unfair competition from professional scalpers. Without the ability to resell tickets at steep prices, scalpers have no reason to snatch them up when they go on sale using automated software, or “bots”. I'm in a situation where i bought 2 tickets then found 2 others that i liked better. I'm hoping that after next week (after general sale) i can sell my original 2. Exactly. I have 2 potentially extra for Cleveland. This ticketless is a joke. So am I at risk if we don't take our 10 and 13 year old to GA of LOSING the money on them? I want to be able to sell them, they are my property. About the only thing you can do (which will work) is arrange for two other people to meet you at the venue (e.g., that you've arranged w/other fans on this site, or advertised elsewhere). Then they can go in with you. In other words, you can sell them, but only if you can be at the venue yourself to go to that show (and they meet you, go in with you, etc.).
  15. Sorry to hear it--believe me, I sympathize. And I just checked, and the Rose Bowl/LA was ANOTHER venue where RZ, etc. were available to anyone (without presale codes) as described above--another unjust situation.
  16. But--as far as I know, the key "trading" issue was in fact never resolved. In 2015, one still had to physically meet whomever at venue X, go in with them, etc. What you could not do was, say, trade your 2 GA for NYC for 2 GA for Chicago, that kind of thing. Nothing like the latter (true trading) was possible. By all means, correct me if I'm wrong!
  17. Actually, upon further investigation, it looks as if even tix that have a "sell" button (e.g., Chicago, Philly) are in fact not resellable through TM. When one clicks on that, you get a code, which when entered ends up saying that the ticket cannot be resold because of the delivery method. So maybe no tix are resellable at all.
  18. Thank you--that would be very nice. I realize you are extremely busy with all sorts of fan concerns. And of course, please let us know what you hear/find out.
  19. Yeah, so did Cleveland. Other venues, folks? And mods--wasn't it unfair what happened with (at least) Chicago, Boston, and Rome? Shouldn't there be some redress?
  20. For example, say you've got two seats and two GA (or two RZ and two GA, whatever). How's that supposed to work? If I (e.g.) have a seat, but bought a GA for a friend, I obviously can't actually go in with them for GA. So how does one handle this??
  21. I hear you. And it goes way beyond that--lots of other important information (besides prices) was unavailable/unclear before the presale started.
  22. Yeah--we need a list of all venues where this was an issue. So far, Chicago, Boston, and Rome, for sure. I think someone else mentioned Croake Park (!!!), but I'm not sure.
  23. Hi Mods-- As you know, inexplicably, for some venues (e.g., Chicago, Boston), RZ tix (and perhaps all VIP packages, but I really care about RZ) were available to EVERYONE (I mean you didn't need a presale code at all) starting at the beginning of the RedHill members presale time (Weds. 9:00 AM). This resulted in many fans (e.g., me, a RedHill member) having basically no chance to get RZ tix at these venues. Can you guys do anything about this?? This is a clear injustice to the fans, since RZ tix are for many the most desirable tix of all (especially given that there's no heart/ellipse, etc., and that the RZ is right next to the stages). Further, for some other venues (e.g., Seattle), RZ tix were (properly) only available w/presale codes. Overall, it was a clear TM error (because all venues, in the "onsale times" info, also listed VIP/RZ stuff as being available to the general public only starting on the regular public onsale time). And--even if you can't (re current dates), if any further dates are added (I know, I know, we don't know if there will be any), and there are presales for those, CAN THIS ISSUE BE FIXED BEFORE THEN?
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