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  1. Bumping--really wanna know which venues are allowing reselling and which not! Affects my plans (e.g., I might try buying for Croake park or whatever if I know I can unload the tix if I really need to).
  2. TM knows when you bought the RZ tix, regardless of not needing the presale code. I wouldn't chance it.
  3. But get this--another post investigated what happens when they hit the sell button--and then got an email with a code. They entered the code, and were then informed they couldn't sell their RZ tix.
  4. Hey Bigwave-- No offense, but you said the same thing on the I & E tour, and it never happened--so what's different now? Why should we think this will come to pass?
  5. Actually, I think those still count--at least to the onsale limit (and I bet actually presale, because it happened in the presale period).
  6. Incredibly aggravatingly, I didn't. Using desktop/website, connected right at Weds. 10:00 AM (EST), and no RZ (and am Red Hill member).
  7. Oh, wow. Actually, all venues do NOT have the sell button (at least on the "order details" page--Cleveland doesn't, for example), but I just assumed that if they did have the "sell" button, that one could do so. Anyway, thanks for checking--that's important information (i.e., that even if you see the "sell" button, the tix may not be resellable after all). Which venue are you talking about? (for yourself)?
  8. Don't think so. RZ is RZ (all standing--no seats).
  9. Hi all-- It's becoming clear that TM is allowing reselling (through them) of (at least some types?) tix in some venues, but not in others. For example, from shows I'm going to, it appears that tix will be resellable in Chicago, but not in Cleveland. It's helpful to know which venues are allowing this (all through TM) and which not--in case one can't make the show at the last minute for whatever reason. Oddly, I have yet to hear of a venue which is allowing ticket transfer (aargh). So--what are people seeing at other venues? (you can check by getting into your account, pulling up your order, and clicking on "order details". If they're resellable, you'll see a blue "sell" button). What's happening at other US venues, or European ones? (e.g., Croake!).
  10. Wow. That's absolutely outrageous--and perhaps explains why so many of us (including me, RedHill, on TM right when the presale began) couldn't get RZ. Massive screwup--very, very, disappointed.
  11. See the pinned thread that addresses this exact (and very annoying) issue. Basically, TM gives you that message when you make repeated attempts to search for tickets (and secretly then locks you out). What you need to do is close that TM tab, clear your history, and reopen the TM site. You can then actually search for tickets (for real) again--at least until you see that obnoxious "unable to process" message (then repeat the procedure). Oh, and contrary to the immediately preceding post, this IS happening in the US. I had the exact thing happen, but fortunately saw the thread with the solution.
  12. Hi-- I think you're still not getting what I'm talking about. If you look (on TM) at the drop-down list that appears when you click and hold on "onsale times", it lists a variety of presales and associated times--including, of course, the RedHill Group, Wires group, etc. What I'm talking about appears to be different--namely, there's another entry that says something like "VIP Package Presale" (no mention of fanclub, etc.) that was supposed to start at 12:00 local time today (Thursday). Check it out yourself; you'll see what I mean. The fact that it's a separately listed presale (and with no mention of fanclub, etc.) certainly makes it look like it's some kind of distinct presale. This is what I was trying to access/find out more about. Above, you're talking about the fanclub stuff, which is different. Mike
  13. I'm into Cleveland and Chicago--neither of which are showing RZ tix available. That's why I'm asking about the mysterious "VIP presale" I mentioned above (which presumably has its own allotment). How does one access this? And sorry, I should have mentioned I'm a legacy member. The issue is not that I can't access u2.com member presales.
  14. Hi--I'm still trying to get RZ tix, and I notice that there's some kind of "VIP Presale" that starts today at noon. How does one access this? Does one need some other kind of password/code? Or do VIP packages simply become available to everyone starting noon today (Thursday), depending on the time zone of the venue?
  15. Wow--wait a minute. So at first, it said they weren't available? (Not, "we can't process your order"). Normally this means that they're gone, that's it. But after that, you DID get the RZ? Wow. If so, that means that we shouldn't believe it when it says "not available". I'm confused.
  16. No--only those with presale accounts (but Wires could do so too today, which makes no sense given the overall staggered presale times for RedHill vs. Wires).
  17. Yeah, well good for you guys, but it was clearly an error. The VIP presales should have been staggered, just like the other tickets are.
  18. Wow. And maybe we won't know until the public sale starts, but right now, looks like no reselling at all--even on the TM reselling site. Obviously, that's a bummer if you can't go for whatever reason (e.g., get sick).
  19. Yeah, TM said that for I & E too, and it didn't work that way (I think--although it DID work that way for 360). You just lined up at the RZ entrance and were scanned in (no actual tickets, at will call or elsewhere).
  20. Wow--that's pretty intense. Thanks for the info!
  21. Checking out Chicago presale tix this afternoon, and every time, it takes 5-10 minutes to respond to my search (which it finally does). Something odd here. Even this morning right when the presale started, it was way faster--??
  22. In I & E, only GA and RZ were. You guys that have bought seats--it should say on the purchase page (if not sooner) whether seats are CCE too (or not). Anybody know?
  23. When you get to the purchase page (at the latest), it should say whether the tix are CCE. GA and RZ definitely will be, the real question is whether seats are.
  24. Are your seats CC entry? In the past (e.g., I & E) they were NOT--only RZ & GA were. If both your seats AND RZ are CC only, you have a problem--because you have to appear yourself to be let in, and you can't be two places to do that (seats and RZ enter at different places). You might be able (if, say, you're married and are both on the same credit card account) to have one of you do one entry and the other the other, but even that would have problems (unless you're OK with being in different places). If your seats are NOT CC entry, no problem--you'll get hard tix which you can just give to the people with seats.
  25. It looks like there's (theoretically) some RZ for $70, but if they really exist, they're gone virtually instantaneously. I'd bet money the large bulk of RZ are the VIP price--c. $350.
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