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  1. last year's is no good, only for the josh tree tour - now over if new places are announced, you'll get a different presale code if you want to use it for that new location - but if no show in TO, and that's the only place you can get to , then you're out the membership fee like me - i thought they would be coming to TO, so I renewed, otherwise i wouldn't have
  2. I have my pre-sale code still - I'm not crazy about driving to Montreal. And besides, there's only nosebleed seats left. If they don't come to TO, then I guess I'm out the money. Hope they come September etc. Was happy they announced the Europe Leg. Maybe there's hope for another N..A. segment -
  3. It has nothing to do with hockey, and even so, they could still come on a 2nd leg later in the summer or fall etc. are you sure they are not coming to toronto - i got my subscription renewed and verified with ticketmaster through u2.com membership, thinking when the pre sale started, a toronto show would be listed - am i supposed to wait until toronto is listed? i didn't buy montreal tickets or new jersey/chicago when they went on sale b/c i would rather not travel that far?
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