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    founder of the fans resale face value site U2 fans tour helping fans to get tickets for face value.
    we have been going for 3 years and helped many fans get tickets for face value.
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    do i have to pick one
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    until the end of the world
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    JT87 Edinburgh
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    Amsterdam 2
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    Slane Caste come home was in the inner heart
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    how can i answer that!
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    Depeche mode, The Editors, Red Hot Chilli pepers

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    philip roy neal chambers
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  1. any response would of been better than nothing. I know the crack for how many people help with tickets from my group it really does do your but in with how people rip fans off
  2. I know reported it to mtv and U2 mods.. and this is what reply igot..... nothing
  3. all super fans won them ???? on sale on gumtree from £100 to £200 each..
  4. on eBay £800 for tickets..Sick of touts and seams to me not many people care. report it and no reply from U2 mods what the point in reporting things
  5. Bargin on eBay only £800 for 2 tickets
  6. U2 fans party at the church Dublin 2017


  7. Adam woth Joshua Bear 


  8. The Edge with Joshua 


  9. last tour was lucky to go 10 times and supported the R.I.P Alan UV Robins Joshua Bear project 

    excited to see the U2 fans film Dream Out Loud 


  10. hi fellow U2 fans i am a massive U2 fan since Unforgatable fire and i am active promoting U2 on Twitter and face book


    facebook group U2 fans tour helping fans get tickets.

    website www.U2FT.com 

    thanks for being such a massive part of my life 

  11. London 1 Berlin Dublin Barcelona Amsterdam 1 &2 [MOD EDIT: Please do not post links to reselling sites. Thanks]
  12. my first ever U2 and first ever gig so i hope that its not the last tour. i went to sunny scotland Edinbrough and loved it. great set list and the start of my U2 journey. Since then i have been on every tour and loved it i started 2 years ago a group to help fellow fans not get ripped off by touts. really looking forward to 2017 Berlin London Barcelona Dublin U2FT.com see you there
  13. It was one great show being so close and a small venue. Was good meeting fellow U2 fans.thank you for giving us the chance to be at TFI Friday.
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