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    Hiking, Photography, Coffee Shops and Public Libraries
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    Zoo TV (Outdoor Broadcast) in Houston, TX
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    Elevation Tour: Boston, MA
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    Starflyer 59, Van Morrison, The Killers, Arcade Fire, "Jack Frost" Produced Bob Dylan, Springsteen.... Too many to mention really

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  1. I am late posting, but wanted to add my thanks as well.
  2. Looking for images to use in upcoming U2 book. Does anyone have photos they took for: (1) Bono dancing with girl at LIve Aid in 1980s, (2) The Claw staging for 360-tour, (3) The Heart Staging for Elevation tour, and (4) the "Coexist" signage used for Vertigo Tour. If so please [MOD EDIT: Please do not post personal information like email addresses or phone numbers. Use instead the PM system. Thanks]. Cheers!
  3. Greetings! My co-author and I have an academic book about U2 in press. Could anyone offer advice or guidance for gaining permissions for our use of U2's lyrics in our book? Thanks! --Brian
  4. I entered an incorrect mobile number, but did not receive an email. Advice?
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