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  1. I'm a little bit sad expecting the same setlist as at the Barcelona 2 show for tonight - those are my only two gigs on the tour. I love Elevation and Sweetest Thing, never really enjoyed Angel of Harlem much. Any hope for a change tonight?
  2. For the dimensions of the dimensions of the venue, check out the pictures here: http://www.barcelona-metropolitan.com/locations/palau-sant-jordi/ especially this photo: I counted the rows and this is about how it's gonna be at the U2 show. Now imagine the stage in the middle and you know how close you are gonna sit if you have a good seat!
  3. Please delete this topic, admin, seems I already found a lucky buyer for the tickets. Thanks.
  4. I have to sell 2 top seats for the Barcelona 2 show (06.10.2015) in the lower tier (area 121 E, middle of the length side, best view - at both stages and the screen/catwalk!, row 6, next to each other) Each ticket costs 190,50 € (face value, pdf, bank transfer)
  5. Still / Again seats for all three shows available at Ticketmaster!: http://www.ticktackticket.com/entradas/goto.do?claves=innocence&origin=TTT
  6. Sorry for double post but maybe someone is lucky to catch some great seats, on sale now: http://www.ticktackticket.com/entradas/goto.do?claves=innocence&origin=TTT
  7. Go there now: http://www.ticktackticket.com/entradas/goto.do?claves=innocence&origin=TTT Good luck!
  8. NO support bands !? - That evoces mixed feelings in me for the beginning. The hope for a good opening band (see Noel Gallagher, James, etc.) is gone, the "U2 only" announcement rises cautious anticipation, because: I have seen U2 opening acts always as a part of the event, after all, it was usually a well-known, quality "support act" of value, which covered perhaps 10-20% of the experience (and value). So the expectations towards U2 have grown in terms of quality (and length!) of the show, a circumstance which the band is surely aware of and they - quite contrary to my expectations (age, injuries, ...) - seem to want to live up to these risen expectations.
  9. If JAMES would be European support act, for now they would just have to miss the very first European show - U2's European tour starts September 4. So there's still the chance.
  10. I like the idea of local support acts but why not 2 support acts each night - one local and one more or less well known? On a German forum someone posted that he's got information that Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds would be opening at the US shows and JAMES at the European ones - that might have been an April Fool's joke but I like the idea. First a local act, then Noel / James and finally U2.
  11. Less than 8 weeks until the first show, right? And NO information about ANY opening act so far?!?
  12. All I can hope and dream and think of is JAMES for Germany! JAMES for Europe! JAMES for America! They are so highly energetic and bring joy to any place they perform at! It would challenge U2 each night not to look old after them (although they are of the same age) - definitely a win-win!
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