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  1. What ever happened to the fanclub book that was created as a gift to Bono some yesrs ago?

    I submitted a personal experience to it, and I would like to purchase a copy of it.


  2. After completing the verification and registration for experience level two weeks ago, I received an email from ticketmaster stating that I will receive my code on Nov 20th. However I now understand that the tickets are being sold THIS Tuesday! Will my code work? Will I even get a code this week? Why did the ticketmaster email say that there's a limit of 4 tickets when U2.com says 2? So many questions!
  3. I hear you on that! Crock pot cooking is a must in my home! We have an army here. Take-out literally drains us.
  4. Monica, this pretty much explains it. I think it's B.S. myself, and we need to do away with it because it's total nonsense! https://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/11/09/us/politics/how-does-the-electoral-college-work.html
  5. Unfortunately, I too feel the same way. The U.S. is going to hit rock bottom soon. Somewhere along the lines people must have forgotten that no matter where you live, you are a human being. We NEED to take care of our neighbors, as well as our own.
  6. On behalf of all clear-minded Americans, I apologize, in advance, for for next four years.
  7. I'm wondering what is meant by GA 03? Are we going to be "placed" into a corral where we cannot move about? Where are the locations posted? Does anyone have a descriptive image of this breakdown? Thnx! Lisa
  8. I too was able to get 2 GAs to the July 27th show!
  9. I'm just so sick to my stomach over this whole debacle. Right from the beginning when they gave only 1 day's notice - to selling right before Christmas - to punishing me for "letting: my subscription expire for 3 months (because I have real responsibilities!), I did renew in October, but NO, that wasn't good enough - right down to not being about to get a single ticket throughout the presale and general sale. Yes, I am forever Jaded over this. :::sobbing quietly:::
  10. mine never even got that far! This was a total debacle! I will be so crushed if I cannot get tickets on monday I start a new job monday at 8:30am too! UGH!
  11. Same people here. Spent a good chunk of time trying to use the presale code that kept saying was incorrect. By the time it finally resolved itself all GA are sold out for MSG, all 4 shows. I'm sad to say the least. Was looking forward to meeting up with longtime friends from the Zoo.
  12. So jealous of those hamd-shakes! LOL so happy for you though! Cannot thank you enough!
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