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  1. Last tiime Sydney had three concerts at ANZ stadium, I wonder if that will happen this time around.
  2. [quote name='bestia wrote: Kayp29 wrote: bestia']I would hate to think that my tickets would be cancelled because I bought 2 tix in Syd and 1 in Brisbane...3 tickets all up. I hope they are trying to target someone who buys 4 tix each in Sydney, Melb, Perth etc on the same code. No, the rules are clear, 4 tickets for ONE show. So yes, there is a possibility the orders will be canceled- Baja Baja - can you please clarify the situation if you bought 3 tickets for the ONE show, but did it in two transactions (2 seated tickets and then 1 GA - due to Ticketek's inability to cope with having different categories in the one transaction) and used the same code. PS thanks for your patience with all of these questions. I'm sorry the rules are not clear particularly when people are debating them for pages...I cannot believe that my purchases of over $1000 may be cancelled....I used the code for 2 tickets for ONE show in Sydney and 1 ticket for ONE show in Brisbane - 3 tickets TOTAL...I understand that if I bought 4 tickets for ONE show that there is no way I would have gone on to buy more tickets with the same code. Does it say 4 tickets for ONE show in ONE city only? By all means if you need to cancel them can you just cancel Brisbane..please dont cancel all. Sorry I see the rules as being very clear, one code four tickets one show.
  3. [quote name='zlatucka wrote: Lemonhead']What's this I have been reading that some people are being told GA tickets will not be sent out and will have to be picked up at the venue? That's a load of bollix lol ...I can just see 15000 people lining up in front of a ticketmaster caravan The only thing i have heard about this is that it is for the Red Zone only. They need to get wrist bands and they enter the stadium through other doors than for general tix. Firstly I would like to thank everyone at U2.COM, all went well, except for the late email but hey these things happen. I have been a member for a very long time, with minimal input. Baja girl, you do have your work cut out. I also have to get my tickets up from the venue/outlet. I phoned Ticketek about this, they said they were not sending out GA tickets in the mail. I was also adviced I can pick these tickets up before the concert. I guess I am happy with that and not worried that the mail man who could be a U2 fan borrow them.....lol
  4. You just took me down memory lane, I remember being lined up 1989, sleeping on the footpath in Broadway outside the old Grace Brothers building, waiting to get tickets. Then getting row 3 at the Entertainment Centre and standing next to Paul Mcguiness, gosh talk about memories, I was only 19. Now I am 40 and still doing the U2 thing. As all previous U2 concerts I am so so excited and I cant wait till tomorrow. U2.COM website seems to be having some problems at the moment, hoping they get fixed very soon.
  5. Are we not getting the confirmation email as in previous years and pre sales.????? It's 8:30pm 25/8/2010 in Sydney the night before......
  6. I was the Policeman, there where a few main entrances by memory, we stayed for a little while and chatted to the people lined up, we played a trick on them and told them they had to move, I guess if it was you, you would remember that....lol
  7. I think I remember you, I was wondering if you remember getting a visit by two Police man the day before the concert in Sydney. Lucky for technology, I am waiting for this email.....What a sleepness night.
  8. I am also Horizon, you will find that we will be able to get tickets before the others in our group. They will stagger the times. We should be able to get them at 11am, the next group will be say 1pm and so fourth. That's how I understand it to happen. I am happy to be corrected. Once we get the email all will be clearer. Let's hope it's soon.
  9. The way I read it and as it's been happening. If you are in the Horizon, you get a chance at pre sale the morning of the pre sale start, say 11am, then say 2 hours later the next group have a go and so on. At the moment, we need to wait for the email to confirm how to order pre sale tickets, last time they supplied a link for your city. Fingers crossed this arrives soon as Thursday is not that far away.
  10. I am really excited. I turned 40 last week and this is the best 40th birthday pressent one could wish for.
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