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  1. Thanks for trying to contact me. I have not been on the Zoo for awhile. I already have tickets to the 7/23 concert that I am trying to sell one of and I have a commitment in Vermont for 7/18. The reason I am selling my two tickets is that the people who were supposed to come with me backed out. If you know of anyone else who wants to buy/trade for one ticket please have them reply here. Thanks so much and good luck selling your tickets.
  2. Hi, I have two tix to MSG, one for Thursday July 23 and one for Monday July 27; unfortunately the people I purchased them for backed out and I am left with these tickets! Also unfortunately they aren't exactly what you are looking for since they are both reserved seats. I am charging just what I paid for them $312.40/each. please email removed please us PM feature - mods or pm me. thanks
  3. I also have some NYC tickets for sale for the same price and I wondered if you would be interested in a trade? I have a ticket for Monday July 27 Section 211 Row 9 that I would be willing to trade for one of your Saturday July 18th ticket, if you are interested. you can respond at [EDIT]. thanks EDIT: Please no emails. Use the PM. thanks.
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