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  1. yep all very true ! you dont want to be stuck close to the screen, and following the action is possible in most venues apart from crazy busy amsterdam .... last week in glasgow was a joy to move and dance and take it all in
  2. anyone thought about getting a fake student id online ? in thailand these are easy to get .... surely the security at the door wont know f**k all about university X-Y-Z in whatevrr country you are from ..
  3. seriously .. if you charge this amount, wait till we have recovered from our shows the past three years ... bloody hell ... I saw 35 shows ... travelled all over the world and have a serious issue with my bank right now .. how nice to drop the release right now .... instead of giving us a normal priced new cd !!! and how about the tshirt price --- smell the flowers now for 30 bucks in teh store instead of the 40 we paid at the shows ... it also fades way too fast .. two washed and it looks worn like hell ... me is not happy about this .. that is a serious understatement ......
  4. ok so I lied, and did look again ... remember LEMON or POP ??? now tell me they arent dance music ....... or pop or whatever ... they work .. they charge-discharge the crowd ... just like the crazy remix does .... and if you are asking .. I give a shot .... !!! funny thing is that I picked up my own release yesterday from record industry in holland .. and they were working on the U2 vinyl album ..... yeah ..... not long now ....
  5. I wont look at this topic anymore .. I will enjoy the vinyls instead .... ta ....
  6. ok here we go .... I actually lived in scotland for 2 years .... sort of enjoyed the signature basher had last year (written in spoken scottish slang ...) .... it reminded me of these good times in the highlands .... that, along with your flag in your avatar, is how, and why I referred to your country .... racist ? ... man grow up ... I am NOT here to pick a fight, just thought I would comment about your "moaning" that you feel mistreated as a U2.com member .... you want to be treated different than what is happening now ... ok .... I dont agree with that .....
  7. ha ha decided to quote myself here ..... just to compensate for the scottish moaner ... sorry basher, but you made your point, shush now ... and listen to this mix I made ..... and 30 dollars for a package like that !!! come on ..... stop grunting its like 7 euro per vinyl ... the music world has changed so much, that I DO appreciate all the different formats they put out ... they have to try and do something ... otherwise if you leave it to the digital world ... they dont make a thing .... I am sure U2 themselves are trying to find out what works .... but when they
  8. great news this !!! I play records, and do own many of the officially releases remixes .... made a mix with them too ... its called crazylemon mix .... guaranteed to make you dance ! free to listen or download .... http://soundcloud.com/toysfornoise/crazylemon-mix cant wait to make a new mix with the artificial horizon releases ..... enjoy
  9. i heard one and magnificent via mike1000 but its gone ... that wall is crazy ... its a free concert from now on tear down that wall come on....
  10. oh yes, see you in berlin .... wahnsinn .... we're all gonna be doNUTS
  11. if any one cant make it last minute .... I can hop on board with some friends who are driving from holland, so no matter how last minute .... i would love to "make use" of the ticket if you cant go .... ciao ciao paul
  12. tina you madman !!! gonna go huh ? I had to forget about this last night, sorry, thought the dutch zootopians would know .... I did not wanna go all the way for 25 minutes show .... but now I hear you are going .... ha ha .. its ok .... for me its the day after my mummies birthday .... so leaving on the 4th was not possible ... ah well .. I dropped it pretty fast .... wonde how many fans scored tickets, just to print out, cause when thery relaise what they have to pay for flights etc .... ah well .... we shall see .... mtv knows who to call ...... instead of ghost busters ....
  13. with finsent in our hearts we were ready to go 360
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