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    U2 collectibles
  2. ... ok Thanks... i also just sent a message through twitter! (just incase)...sorry for the over-communication. sH
  3. I just tried the dublin link from the tour page! It now links to PARIS! (redzone?!)(http://partenaires.ticketmaster.fr/fr/manifestation/idmanif/394035/codtypadh/FCM/numadh/01/codeconf/FTMS01?tkn=7101030053040c56) .. given that in 5 hours tickets go back on sale.. it should get fixed! Scott
  4. Ok, understood, hope the information is found out soon!!... based on a few reports in the Irish media today (yesterday) there does appear to be at least a second show being scheduled for Dublin for the 23rd. Based on my location in Canada, IF there is WAS NOT a short presale window and tickets for the second show go on at that same time (or slightly after the first show sells out) I would be looking at another 2:00am purchase time. GA - Vancouver, Seattle, Dallas, Toronto, Dublin ... see you on the road! Scott
  5. Can anyone advise if there will be 'u2.com pre-sales' for any of the second shows? (i'm assuming there will be for many of the EUR cities and some NA) Thanks Scott
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