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    U2 collectibles
  2. ... ok Thanks... i also just sent a message through twitter! (just incase)...sorry for the over-communication. sH
  3. I just tried the dublin link from the tour page! It now links to PARIS! (redzone?!)(http://partenaires.ticketmaster.fr/fr/manifestation/idmanif/394035/codtypadh/FCM/numadh/01/codeconf/FTMS01?tkn=7101030053040c56) .. given that in 5 hours tickets go back on sale.. it should get fixed! Scott
  4. Ok, understood, hope the information is found out soon!!... based on a few reports in the Irish media today (yesterday) there does appear to be at least a second show being scheduled for Dublin for the 23rd. Based on my location in Canada, IF there is WAS NOT a short presale window and tickets for the second show go on at that same time (or slightly after the first show sells out) I would be looking at another 2:00am purchase time. GA - Vancouver, Seattle, Dallas, Toronto, Dublin ... see you on the road! Scott
  5. Can anyone advise if there will be 'u2.com pre-sales' for any of the second shows? (i'm assuming there will be for many of the EUR cities and some NA) Thanks Scott
  6. THIS IS MY ALMOST MY SITUATION TO THE EXACT WORD.... INCLUDING TALKING TO "MICHAEL" AT CUSTOMER SERVICE.. He replaced my order and I have my fingers crossed.! sH22
  7. Bought!! Interesting Snow Patrol remix.... thread opened in members section...http://community.u2.com/topic/16108?page=-1
  8. First show Vancouver - 11/12/1987 Last show Vancouver - 10/28/2009 @Danger Girl....!! Love that video, I was just to your right along the rail with my wife, brother and friend! P.S. you going to SLC? cheers sH22
  9. freeeeezzzing??? 30f isn't cold, yes its cool...and yes water freezes at 32f.. LOL thats still not really cold. check out this forcast...!! http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/caab0103 Currently (-2.2F) or -19c thats getting a little chilly. cheers sH22
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