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  1. jazz cigarette wrote:

    i keep getting this message from TM


    • The password entered is not yet active. Please check your information regarding the time frame when you are elligible for this offer.

    What are the first three letters of you code?

  2. wdemerse



    I have never been to a U2 concert (or any concert). I am 47 years old and want to finally go to one if the band make a stop at Vancouver, BC this tour. I have heard concert tickets sell out in minutes. Do we just have to be ready to speed dial when the tour is announced ? Is there a way to be sure to get a ticket? Online? What are the chances of getting one? Thanks for your help.

    wdemerse. For the 04/28/05 and 04/29/05 Vancouver shows, I actually bought tickets out here in Edmonton and then had to flew home to see theshows, line ups had 6-10 people and while I was in line at Ticketmaster my wife tried on the Internet. For POP, Elevation and ZOO tours I ended up in long lineups, still I've always gotten tickets.


    I would suggest that if you have any family or friend's' who are not located in BC and are willing you to assist in getting tickets this could beanother way to get tickets. As the tour is being described as a stadium' show BC Place will be used again so ticket may not be an issue.

    Enjoy your first show!

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