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  1. DVD??? Are they serious, who even has a DVD player these days!! In today's digital streaming age even Blu-ray is pretty much obsolete. DVD is outdated 15 year old technology and looks like crap on any modern large display. Also considering U2 have since done the 2017 & 2019 Joshua Tree tours and last years CD release of the SOI and SOE tours this gift is like flogging an old horse to me. What a disappointment !!
  2. From the perspective of a VIP ticket holder. I understand the reasons behind a petition, however, one of the main reasons I purchased my VIP ticket was for the exclusive tour gift NOT AVAILABLE to the general public!. That gift could have been anything and I intended to keep it as a special memento of the concert, it just so happened to be a vinyl album which is now very highly sought after as a collectible. Considering I paid alot of money for the ticket, IMO it would be unfair to me and other VIP ticket holders who also paid large amounts of money for their ticket to get their exclusive gift
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