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  1. Grateful for the show dedicated to Van Morrison today. Liked Bono's poetic interpretations of the lyrics, and particularly thankful for Adam's bit. I guess 25 songs for those scratching past the surface (like Adam), knowing I could easily do three times that for Van's birthday 1) Streets of Arklow 2) Tir Na Nog 3) Summertime in England 4) Take Me Back 5) Burning Ground 6) Saint Dominic's Preview 7) Come Here My Love 8 ) Enlightenment 9) It's All in the Game/You Know What They're Writing About 10) Orangefield 11) Sweet Thing 12)
  2. U2 X-Radio - so glad Edge opened with David Byrne, who I think of as the third point in the three album trinity of BED - Bowie, Eno, and David Byrne. Was a big Talking Heads fan and have followed David since. And the connection has always been there from R&H trying to reach the heights of Stop Making Sense to, yes, on topic - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock as partly inspired by a show U2 opened for the Talking Heads.
  3. This one is fascinating. SOE is going to open up new possibilities for the old songs. Working on a set now.
  4. So, let's start in on the bad - the pre-show GA line controversy for the moment. The band wrote a song about it, you know the one with the line "just gimme what I want and no one gets hurt" (shouldn't say that as some will feel honored) - because that's what it comes down to, people proclaiming the given rules void and naming themselves proclaimers of new rules, in secret, and threatening violence or its approach if their rule isn't adhered to (before the bulk of the crowd shows up of course), and security and the venue both bow when it's clear the numbers are greater than they could prevent v
  5. I'll say some things later. Keep meaning to get back here, but not finding the time. I'll open with a pic of the Lumineers - found them pretty enjoyable, very glad to have seen them.
  6. Need to follow that up with his later comment on soundcheck Mr. Wave - may result in some speculation.
  7. Nice job - curated is so much better than twitter box ticking on songs & phrases, parroting bono, and attempts at notoriety (her vanity) mainly via crowdsourcing. Honestly bored with the bulk of twitter coverage. But that's just me.
  8. I'm ready for what's next beyond the tour - let's get 'em through SOE and SOA and then, post-ascent, on to a "Life on Mars" album of music for the red planet's first colonists (whenever that happens) based on Bowie, Kim Stanley Robinson, Yuri Gargarin, Elon Musk, Neil Armstrong, and B & E's time with NASA A song suite to the future
  9. He also leaned off the multiple shows in limited cities approach and stuck to indoors for the moment, so maybe back to 30 or so cities for a North American or European leg? How many are South America, Australia, New Zealand and Japan typically running these days?
  10. From physiological psychology side of things there's an interesting bit of arousal state transference going on there, which is cheaper than conventional marketing. Anyway, I'll be back to comment on this further (though not that specific point).
  11. Everyone I've seen post they got tickets supposedly had used their codes already.
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