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  1. Update: Thank you for making everything available to download!!!! 😃
  2. To be fair many people are probably in a similar boat as me. Back when we used to regularly get CD gifts ripping was no problem, but I have long since disposed of any optical drives as they're basically obsolete. Fortunately my cars both still have built in CD players so I am able to enjoy my gifts.😊
  3. PRETTY Cool! You've selected 8 performances. You've seen 8 regular concerts and have 0 upcoming concerts. You've seen 0 Various Date/Promo Tour performances. PopMart Tour 1997-05-26 - Washington, District of Columbia, USA - Robert F. Kennedy Stadium (22 songs) Elevation Tour 2001-03-30 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Philips Arena (21 songs) 2001-11-30 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Philips Arena (21 songs) Vertigo Tour 2005-11-18 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Philips Arena (22 songs) 360° Tour 2009-10-06 - A
  4. So I thought that the question asked for the Apollo contest was fun and interesting enough that I decided to start a thread about it. Hope others might be interested in playing along! ?
  5. With the Apollo Theatre contest up, I thought it might be fun and interesting if we were to share our answers. I'm sure there are some people who would rather keep their responses private...and that's certainly understandable, but I figured I'd start a thread for those interested in sharing. Sooooo....here goes: For me the U2 song that most captures the themes of innocence and experience is Original Of The Species. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb was released just a few short months after I became a father for the first time, so this may very well be the song that resonated with me
  6. Also adding this shot I took with the e&i app, just because it looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. ?
  7. Not much I can add beyond my review on the main page...but I will add this: I believe a significantly underrated spot for this show is where I ended up both this week and for i&e - Just outside the Redzone as far toward the middle of the runway as possible. It is a spot where you can see both stages, are far enough back to get a good view of the barricage, and of course have the members band right in front of you on the runway a number of times. Plus, this time around, during Pride you get this...(see attached photo), or Edge if you pick the other side. In any event, if you have an
  8. That's awesome regarding the book! As far as set list is concerned, I do think people got used to greater than usual variety on 2015, and it's hard not to think of this as part 2 of that tour... BUT... They're trying to accomplish something a bit different this time around. We'll see how things look by the time your second show comes around.
  9. Just now realized you had already said what was trying to say, and you said it better! ?
  10. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but : 1) The vast majority of people do only go to one show per tour AND 2) Now that I have seen the show I get it more than before. More than ever before this show is about telling a story, and they happen to have landed on a set that does a phenomenal job of telling said story. I'm sure there will still be some minor tweaks along the way though.
  11. ? SMALL Arena + crowd that hasn't seen the band in almost a decade = LOUD Hopefully that translates to Atlanta not getting skipped again anytime in the near future!
  12. I was actually the sandals guy in that photo! Atlanta gets HOT. I don't worry too much. Maybe I should! Someone did drop something on my foot...fortunately it was a pen! NBD . ?
  13. My friend was able to make it today so it was a non issue. Can't imagine they're still doing sign up this evening, but can't say for certain!
  14. Okay. Day one went well. Hope to meet some people in line tomorrow! ?
  15. On Sunday, is it okay if I sign up for both myself and my friend who is coming with me or do you want everyone who is coming on Monday to sign in in advance?
  16. Jumping in with "best since" HTDAAB. Why? Simple... I very much LIKED the past two albums but this one, unlike those, is constantly leaving songs behind in my head... And not just the singles/possible singles. Atomic Bomb was the last to do that. Love Is All We Have Left, Little Things, and especially 13 = Absolute brilliance. I'll happily rock out to The Blackout any day.... And The Showman is entirely unlike anything they've ever done before. Weak spot? I'm not a big fan of the dance remix of Best Thing that made it to the deluxe album. That's it. Sure time will tell if this take holds u
  17. Funny thing is, the NEW stadium almost looks like the 360 stage... If it were a football stadium.
  18. This morning is the public onsale of U2's first concert in Atlanta in 9 years. That concert was held at the Georgia Dome. The Georgia Dome was just imploded this morning. Just a fun little factoid that just dawned on me. Hope to see everyone in May!
  19. Glad to hear it went well for you. I am also one of the fortunate ones. That said, I don't see how anyone can call this the "best presale" given the size and scope of well documented issues people encountered.
  20. Text goes to phone but you can use a different device to enter the code and get your tickets. You should be fine!
  21. Repeating my comment from a few moments ago...don't think you're going to get anywhere with phone support, because, frankly, I don't know the phone reps really know what's going on. Best bet is to reach out to the site mods as described in the thread. Really looks like they ARE helping everyone...but are also overwhelmed so its slow going.
  22. That is pretty much the opposite of what everyone else has posted. Innocence emails should be tonight. Unfortunately, I think the phone reps are getting very limited information. If you don't get the email as expected tonight, your best bet is to reach out to the mods as detailed in this thread. They're clearly a bit overwhelmed ATM but are indeed getting back to everyone!
  23. The mods are the real rock stars here. At the end of the day MOST subs will likely end up with the tickets they wanted...and it is entirely due to the mods working their asses off and going above and beyond the call of duty b/c the system that was supposed to be in place is failing left and right.
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