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  1. They just added a new show for Las Vegas! I have NOT used my presale code for the first show! I used the Citibank code instead! Will u2.com send me another code or do I use the same code I was first sent?
  3. I noticed that the U2 site says there is going to be a second show at the rose bowl! Ticketmaster on the other hand does not have it up yet! is this going to happen or not?? Does anyone know??
  4. Hi everyone!!! I just now noticed that we will be landing in Chicago to see the Grateful Dead (July 3rd-5th) on U2 U2's last day in Chicago!!!! Does anyone have 2 tickets for this show that they would not mind selling to me? or does anyone know a good place to get tickets??? Thanks Kevin PS I have seen U2 13 times going on my 14th and 15th in May at the LA Forum! I am a TRUE FAN who also has U2 tattooed on my arm
  5. They need to keep on playing like The Rolling Stones
  6. Say It Isnt So! Please Tell Me This Ia A Hoax! http://www.business-standard.com/article/news-ani/is-u2-on-the-verge-of-splitting-114031700147_1.html Just type in U2 on google and this is what you will find The Irish rock band U2 is reportedly on the verge of splitting after 38 years in the music business. Sources told Daily Star that the pressure was really on Bono and the band after their recent song 'Ordinary Love' flopped in the global sales, and at this point there's every chance that the next tour will be the last one, Daily Star reported. Bono, the vocalist of the band had earlier stated that the band was trying to figure out why anyone would want another U2 album as he admitted that band was living in fear of becoming irrelevant. The source further stated that Bono is always getting offers to go solo and write his own album.
  7. Happy Birthday Larry!!! Ya know we have a lot in common. For one my Birthday is also on Halloween of 74!!! Another reason is before I became a huge U2 fan I was a huge Elvis Fan!!! I have been to Graceland back in 84. When I was in the hospital for 4 weeks have a brain tumor operation in 85 all I would listen to was Elvis Presley. Then one day when I was passing by my sisters bedroom in December of 88 I heard Desire on her radio. I asked her who sang that. She said "U2, I have move of there cds if you want to hear them". Ever since then U2 has been my favorite band. I Have seen you 11 times in concert going on 12 and 13 when you hit Anaheim CA and maybe more once you put down SAN DIEGO PETCO PARK!!! Please hurray and put San Diego on your list for my Birthday!!! You have 10 days free before Anaheim and 8 days free after. Please hurray and put down Petco Park!!!
  8. My Fiance bought U2 tickets back in Nov. for the 2nd Anaheim show. She also paid ticketmaster to join u2.com. She still has not received anything to join. I have called ticketmaster and Live nation and e-mailed the u2 site. NOTHING HAS HAPPENED YET!!! It is driving me crazy. She wants the cd and to be able to talk to other U2 fans. Does anyone have an idea for me
  9. i checked out u2torrents and the show was not allowed to be on the site
  10. Does anyone have a great copy of this show on cd......... I have on my Ipod but my pc crashed so I lost all my music. That show was one of the ones I had on my itunes. Once i connect my ipod to my pc i will loose the show. Sadly u2start took off the awesome recording of it.
  11. i am planning on buying it. i just cant wait lol
  12. yeah but if anyone has a copy i would like to have a copy of it!!! It was was great show. A couple of my friends, my wife and I all went to see it. It was my 11th time seeing U2 and my 12th and 13th time are coming up in anaheim
  13. Does anyone have a copy of the whole concert of U2 at the Rose Bowl Oct. 25th 09!!! I want it on DVD!!!
  14. I love my B-day because it is on HALLOWEEN!!!! Same day that Larry Mullen was born just different year LOL
  15. THANKS!!! Found it and putting them on my ipod as we speak!!!
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