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  1. I think it's more like watching a movie on TV while standing outside looking through the window...something like that. You can see what's on, but you're not really there. Someone got his hands on a vinyl and done a FB listening party. What people are listening to is really an inferior source (recorded stream) and nowhere near the real thing. Some even argue that it's like a fake-leak... *chuckles* Anyway, people may, of course, decide for themselves but I have a feeling the new U2 album is too good to have its first listen spoiled by anything less than hi-fi HD stereo. Jus
  2. It is supposed to go with an app that must be registered to an account. All goes through TM I believe.
  3. Never had a chance in the first round, but hoping to succeed for May 12. Think I'll go for will call instead of the Flash tix...
  4. Smart remark! I didn't know that! But I still wonder what all of this inquiry has to do with Mr. Oseary's letter...
  5. But taken from this, it is 100& legit for a household of four (4) to have four (4) memberships / subscriptions. (I don't however see this issue being relevant to the subject of this thread: the letter from Guy Oseary...)
  6. The problems are indeed complex as there are basic market dynamics of supply and demand on the one hand, and, on the other, the feeling that U2 and U2.COM could have done so much more in both the lead up and the aftermath of the presale fiasco. And, unfortunately, because of this complexity there are simply no easy answers and solutions. This is what I think of Guy Oseary's reply: Mr. Oseary's letter is a diplomatic writing. Obviously the U2 manager recognizes the problems that people had with the various presales, but at the same time tries to steer clear from the fa
  7. LOL...yeah, I dig Get On Your Boots too! Not in the least because of the smartly layered lyrics, as "boots" may also refer to "bootlegs"...as in fan made audience recordings of their live concerts But although I don't want to make general assumptions, I guess that for a lot of "girls" it's more easy to listen to a song as been sung to. At least speaking for myself, I easily "accept" the "you" perspective in a song.
  8. And even more than an opinion, TM has no credible way of denying that this isn't the case! I mean, pure as a TM business model it seems that the more tickets on these secondary markets, the better it is for them...
  9. Exactly! And what is the point of this lottery anyway?
  10. wish it would be under different circumstances though...
  11. This post at u2start was actually taken from another thread here at zootopia that also reports on this unfortunate issue: http://zootopia.u2.com/forums/topic/37467-anyone-receive-the-email-today/?page=5
  12. Thanks for looking into this Max! My husband has send you the info from both our accounts. Hoping to attended the Las Vegas show...
  13. Happy to report that the 1 ticket/presale code-bug for Amsterdam is fixed: a friend of mine just bought a ticket for Amsterdam IV, while having bought earlier a ticket for Amsterdam I...
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