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  1. Yes, GA are paperless and you need to bring the CC you used to purchase the tickets.
  2. I have yet to recieve anything from U2.com regarding a pre-sale or upcoming tour. I have been a member since 2004 and have the same email address now that I registered with. Luckily, knowing the tour announcement was pending, I followed several fan club and tour sites on social media and found out about the pre-sale the same day it was announced. Had I not doubled down and relied on U2.com I would be in the same situation as the OP and can certainly empathize with his/her frustration. U2.com should be the first and on the cutting edge of all things U2 and that simply was not the case with the lack of notifications for their paid members.
  3. 10:12 was exactly when i got my 2 GA for SJ night 1. Congrats...
  4. Flying into SJ from Seattle for night 1. Never been to the Bay area (I know sad) and looking forward to it.
  5. Good Luck. Stick with it and DON'T believe the "no tickets available" if you get it. Based on reports I would try the app first. Luckily things worked out for me...12 minutes on the website with several system down messages. Ended up getting two GA for night one of San Jose, CA. which is what I wanted. Oddly enough the Android app never worked for. Continuous searching and never got passed it.
  6. Unfortunately (or fortunately for others) U2 does not have a tiered system for long time members. We are all lumped in one of two days and left to wonders of TM. Hopefully you will be able to purchase the seats you wanted or close via a member here who can't go. Not uncommon for trades and purchases to take place between members so keep the faith.
  7. You have to bring the card you purchased the tickets with to the show to be swiped. That is how you will gain entrance.
  8. San Jose (night 1) wasn't perfect but after 12 minutes and several "were sorry, your request cannot be completed at this time", I got two GA tickets via the TM website. I had both the webpage and TM Android app up and ready and never got the app to quit searching. Many people reported success using the app, not me. Happy either way.
  9. 9 minutes for Left Coast USA pre-sales and have TM page loaded and TM Anroid app. Fingers crossed...
  10. Been trying to sign in on the TM Android app for 20 minutes and it says "Sorry! The service you requested is not available at this time."
  11. I updated my info with no problem just a few minutes ago.. maybe your connection slowed down for a moment there, or they were doing maintenance on the site, which they generally do at night...... Even with it being a lot of subscribers I don-t think there will be enough traffic to crash the ticketmaster website.... expect that for monday... Took about 30 minutes but mine finally updated.
  12. On a sidenote...Ticketmaster US slow and crashing when I try to update my payment information in anticipation of tomorrow's pre-sale. Been trying for 20 minutes to update my profile with no luck. Tomorrow shall be interesting.
  13. They did send an email announcing the tour and the pre-sale about 5 hours ago.. did not have any codes but it said they will arrive at some point today. I have not received that email and a long time member. Luckily I was notified via twitter and facebook by u2tourfans.
  14. Seattle Wa. USA checking in. Nothing...think i'll watch the Everton game.
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