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  1. I use a wheelchair. I can only get tickets by directly phoning the accessible hotline for Manchester Arena. Iin the past when trying to get these tickets with a pre-sale code I've been told that it doesn't apply to the accessible hotline.They wouldn't even take my name and give me first dibs when the general tickets went on sale! Luckily I havnt missed out but its pure discrimination. The pre sale offer should apply to all!
  2. well, good news! i got a ridiculously expensive ticket after spending 2 hrs on the disabled phone line to theO2! carer is free .hubs is reluctantly taking me unless we can find a friend or relative near by in london to take his place. its a weekend away at least. and for those of you being rude about my nusband just coz he doesnt lke U2, i have to tell you he is a wonderful man and has taken on my care asI have deteriorated. its not easy and I know plenty of men woul've walked. we've been happily marreeied for 28 years. I knew he wasnt a fan from the day we met, but I loath his musical taste! frank zapper, van morrison, so there we. go.
  3. I am FUMING and DISGUSTED with U2!!!!!This new tour only goes to London in the U.K. I am disabled and I cant travel alone. In order to get to London I'd need to find a carer. My Husband refuses point blank to go to a U2 concert! Pay the carer, pay for Travel, Pay for two nights at a hotel plus the price of the ticket, I need to go down the day before and rest, then stay over after the concert. All this is totally out of my league. I cant afford it and I'm sure that able bodied U2 fans from areas outside London also cant afford travel and a hotel stay plus the price of the ticket. I know U2 are knocking on a bit! perhaps they don't have the energy to tour the UK properly!! Or are they so greedy money wise and so narrow minded that they don't give a toss ,as they know they can sell out the concerts in London straight away! I would love one of them to actually read this post. Where do I write to so that they actually might see my complaint in writing?
  4. How I agree! WHy No Manchester Arena? I am disabled,I cant travel to London or Glasgow. Do U2 not care ABOUT THEIR DISABLED FANS OR DO THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY? I I am so disappointed I'm seriously considering my loyalty to U2!!! HAving been a fan from the 1980's I feel very let down
  5. I hope they go to the Manchester Arena. On the 360 tour they only went to London and Sheffield. being disabled I find it hard to get a carer to take me-No-one likes U2!! If they do come to Manchester I might be advertising for a carer for the day to push my wheelchair!
  6. At least you're all getting to see u2 in concert! I'm disabled and find travelling really hard snd they'er not coming to England again so I will be green with envy this summer!!
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