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  1. No matter the cost and just for fun? Tokyo, definately. The experience of having fresh sushi for breakfast alone is worth it.
  2. * Achtung Baby* The Joshua Tree Pop Boy NLOTH
  3. Featuring the lyrics: "For people of Africa who live in hell/They will never wear Chanel" More reason to see the movie.
  4. viv26


    Other than T-shirts, they have a beautiful black and white scarf which Bono wears in a picture. (I can't remember whose poem was on it). Saw it in astore in Ams which sells Edun clothes, it wasn't very expensive. (Sylvia, did you ever shop at Nukuhiva in de Haarlemmerstraat? If not, you shouldreally check it out sometime )
  5. well, international, hearts and minds and kitchentools all have their own forum. Hardly any posts about U2 there... So going by that, the U2 fan'sworld mainly exists of talking about international politics and cooking.
  6. I think that, as with every U2 song, it feels like Bono has a personal message for everyone listening to the song ;-) But I think the general message of UC is indeed the "release, restart, reboot. You're free to go". In the book that comes with the deluxe edition Bono says that he wrote the song with a character in mind, which is the same character as the one in Moment ofSurrender. It's a soldier who came back from a mission traumatised and completely lost control over his life, but also took his wife down with him. UCstart at the point where he has hit rock bottom and just at the moment when he's ready to give up on life completely, his cell phone starts talking to him.A computervoice tells him he's free to go. To close the past, remove it from his memory (force-quit and move to trash) and reboot. I love the message ofthis song, (but I still have to get used to the song itself).' I think the whole album is about being reborn in some way. It can feel that way if you're coming out of a relationship, you have to change all your plansand dreams and start over completely. It's nice to get support from Bono isn't it?
  7. agt01 wrote: Loads of Boots members on here got the tickets they wanted without any problems. U2.com gave us all access to the pre-sales, if certain tickets were sold out then you can't blaime the band for people wanting them. If you only joined for pre-sale and didn't get what you wanted, It's hard luck! As far as I'm concerned my membership for the past 5 years has been money well spent, I've got great limited items, great T-shirts & fantastic tickets. Yes Fanfire can be a bit hit and miss, but all in all from what I've read accross the site........Most members are really happy with what they got. Thank you, my feelings exactly. You waited until they announced the tour, then quickly joined the website to get tickets. As did a thousand scalpers with youand that's exactly the reason why they went for this split system. I'm not putting you in one line with the scalpers here, just saying you took achance and lost. @Stephen, check the tourpage again (make sure you're logged on). If you're able to login to the subscribers site then de code should be on thetourpage.
  8. kevn42000 wrote: songsrlikesmells wrote: Hey thanks for the detailed explanation bflorendo, very informative. I think you need to get a job with these Claire Brothers - there's clearly a gap in their skillset. Please excuse my technical ignorance, but what are the FOH Towers? The answer's gonna make me look silly isn't it... FOH presumably front of house. however, from memory of the mock-up, there are speakers above the band pointing out in every direction, so maybe in this instance, 100 feet from the band will include everyone at the side of stage and behind. the red zone is side of stage and i can't imagine the people paying those prices will get a poor sound.This is interesting: Sound System: Each of the Claw's four sides will have its own full-size sound system -- each powerful enough for an entire arena.There will also be 72 separate subwoofers. (Copied it from another thread) Seems like a whole new setup idea?
  9. ONE01 wrote: All of the new album (probably not Cedars of Lebanon or White As Snow) I also have my doubts about FEZ/Being born... Hope they'll include White As Snow. Could be beautiful with everyone singing along. plus... (i hope I'm a bit wrong here!) I know... lol! I hope they'll throw in a few surprises this time!
  10. viv26


    blomaros wrote: I already have the plane tickets to Barcelona and HAVE to get the concert tickets. But you're not a member of U2.com? That means you'll be in the 'boots' categorie if you subscribe now, or you'll have to take your chance in the public sale lottery. WithBarcelona being the opening concert for this tour.... It'll be a stampede. I wish you luck.
  11. Who are TBC? -edit- Just got the answer
  12. Magnificent! Just like Elevation and Vertigo a song that builds up quickly and you can jump to.
  13. porkypie5544 wrote: "so its wrong to sell pre sale links on ebay but its ok for touts to sell tickets on ebay , the mods on here say they will remove them,..., but supprise supprise nothing has been done," The answer to that is pretty obvious: The codes are linked to a U2.com account_74615. Which can be deleted. How are the mods supposed to find out which subscriber is selling the tickets? Nothing can be done. Selling those tickets is still not illegal, so e-bay is not obligated to remove those ads. porkypie5544 wrote: or are these mods ON HERE the real touts ? Oh man...some people...
  14. ilan wrote: sweet dreams.... Ilan, you posted the same short cynical comment on Anatsans question twice. I guess you´re in desperate need of attention or something... So I´lljust ask the question: Why? Are you saying we're all naïve for believing that peace can be reached? Or are you just saying Anatsan should stop hoping forU2 to come to Israel. In both cases I would say: Stop being such a cynical bastard.
  15. Ook gestemd. Voor de ganse klas :-) He's doing well, 600 votes already. Won't they get suspicious?
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