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  1. Another alternative is to walk from Twickenham Stadium to Whitton Railway Station (Its about 10-15 minutes walk). Its the next station outbound from Twickenham, so you'll then be getting onboard the trains that are heading back into London, getting a seat before the train hits Twickenham Station and the resultant crowds. I've only been to Twickenham once before (for an NFL game last year) and its a nightmare getting away from.
  2. Anybody think there's any possibility of U2 doing the pre-game entertainment at one of the NFL games games at Wembley Stadium in the autumn? Their London dates coincide with 2 of the Wembley games (25 October and 1 November 2015). They're both "early" kick-offs at 1330 and 1430 respectively, so the timescale is doable.
  3. It was the City of Manchester Stadium back in 2005 That must have been the 2 empty seats next to me.Same here,I had to source out for tickets other than the code provided from here,cost me an atomic bomb for the 1st night. I had to sell them, my now ex-wife got made redundant, so we needed the cash. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own...
  4. Anyone remember the cock-up with the Pre-sale codes on the Vertigo tour? I'm a long-time subscriber to U2.com so had the pre-sale code. Tried to buy tickets for Twickenham and the Ticketmaster link timed out. Couldn't get back on Ticketmaster, turned out the Pre-Sale code was a once-only deal! Ended up getting an apology from U2, a key-ring, and tickets to Manchester's Etihad stadium which I couldn't use. Fingers crossed no cock-ups this time!
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