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  1. NO CODE YET! WHAT'S GOING ON? Presale begins in 1 minute. NOT...HAPPY...
  2. This is an industry that survives entirely on the backs of fans. Ticketmaster / LiveNation take advantage of us and provide terrible experiences for us every day.
  3. I got my vinyl in the mail today. Came with a note saying I can download these tracks digitally as well, but I only see three of the tracks available. I was really hoping I could download the tracks and keep my vinyl copy sealed as a collector's item. But, if I can't...it must be opened.
  4. Better than a picture...I have video. PBS filmed Tears For Fears at First Avenue in Minneapolis and I can be found at the 1:51 mark singing my heart out. Drove six hours to the show. Ran into Roland Orzabal by chance in the parking lot before the show. Got backstage passes. Had dinner with the opening act and got into the show early for front row access. Went to the Tears For Fears after show party. Drove home in a blizzard that extended the return trip to about nine hours. My roommate dropped me off at work for a 12 hour shift as we pulled into town and coffee plus adrenaline f
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