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  1. update: splendid weather..sunny as can be ALL GOOD!
  2. 2 days ago its was like.."oh theres only a 20% chance of rain sunday" now its up to 50%..they still cant predict jack shit in the year 2017..whatever, ill stand in the rain..bring it..
  3. I see where you can purchase a parking ticket on ticketmaster for $30 + 5 = 35..God damn thats a lot...I would imagine its $30 when you get there...Rape Me, My Friend..................
  4. im seeing sunny skies this weekend including sunday..those weather apps are WRONG..stick to local news
  5. UPDATE: Its supposed to be sunny this weekend including Sunday with a small chance (20%) of an isolated shower...Thank GOD!
  6. this weather sucks..wish it was a retractable roof like marlins park
  7. I've got 1 ticket for GA Field for the Sold-Out Miami Hard Rock Stadium this Sunday June 11th. Big Problem..its credit card only entry. We would have to meet before the show and you would have to come in with me. I'm all for cutting pond scum scalpers out of the equation, but this is kind of silly not being able to at least transfer a ticket to someone else. But that's the deal..Ticket was bought by a friend who cant make it. It will be me and my wife going.. Paid $93.75 for the ticket..asking $90.00 for the ticket....I'm in Boca Raton and I have no idea when I'm leaving for the show....n
  8. is it confirmed that they are starting their tour in the states, this summer?
  9. its madness for any u2 on-sales for ticketmaster. throw in mj tickets and your right, complete meltdown.
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