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  1. I got an email from U2.com about the presales this morning. This was said about the retail presales Additionally, fans who pre-ordered Songs of Experience with participating retailers prior to 30 November, 2017 are also eligible for a presale opportunity for shows in the UK, Germany, France Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Italy, Ireland, and Holland. Eligible fans will receive a unique code allowing access for a limited presale opportunity beginning Monday, 22 January (9am) until Wednesday, 24 January (5pm) subject to availability while supplies last and limited to 2 tickets per code. (*Please
  2. If European dates are announced tomorrow, I think presale will run as before. Link on U2.com leads to local ticketsite in each country. This is how it was last year and three years ago..
  3. Croke Park Amsterdam I Amsterdam II Brussels Croke Park gig with my daughter, others shows with friends.
  4. Last Thursday floor tickets went very fast. There even was a waiting line in the booking system. Thing is that Radio Stations advertised with u2.com subscriptions as an easy way of getting tickets. It won't be as bad as the regular sale, but newcomers at u2.com will still have to take some effort to get what they want in the presale. Good luck to you guys.
  5. You have to remember though, the stage for the 360 Tour was massive. And the back of it started on the pitch, as a temporary stand was put up. he stage this summer will be where the stand was for 360, leaving the whole length of the pitch for GA. So I can definitely see there being two price categories and two sections in GA. [iMO]. I was there as well and agree - if all stands as we know it - do we purchase Pitch 2 if there is a choice? ( seems as though closest to stage SHOULD be Pitch 1 - but not indicated that way on the graphic- Keep posted best of luck to everyone. If there a
  6. www.eventim.de for Germay. Eventim is a TM daughter.
  7. a lot, I tell you. ....presales for I+E were crazy due to limited capacity. Luckily, Croke Park has large capacity, but nevertheless you'll come across people from all over the world. Always cool.
  8. We've seen different price categories for GA before at some stadium show in the past (eg Brussels 2005) and more recently at Coldplay shows in Holland. The GA pitch 2 and pitch 1 indication for Croke Park makes me think there might me two price categories with a more expensive one as the Front of Stage section. I hope so. If the case I'll get GA in the presales for Croke Park. Traveling from Holland to Ireland for the Croke Park show.
  9. We'll find out tomorrow then. I'd be happy to see two categories for GA; please post if you hear something.
  10. about the same here + flights from Holland for me and my daughter.. but then again, seeing U2 play on Holy Ground means a lot to me.
  11. ...and two price catogory means no need to queue all day for a good spot. We've seen the two price category system recently with Coldplay shows here in Holland. I guess we'll find out tomorrow.
  12. Will there be two price categories for Croke Park? I've seen that in the past at concerts in Belgium and Holland. Front of stage section cost a bit more, but secured a spot in the FOS section. Anyone?
  13. I saw the seating plan for Croke Park indicating two categories for GA, Pitch 2 being Front of Stage with a small redzone section and and Pitch 1 being the other two-thirds of the GA floor. Anyone here who can tell more about it? Would be appreciated.
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