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  1. This message is on u2tour.de , Note: should you when the presale what go wrong and your code be then allegedly "illegal": it is reset after 15min
  2. True mclaren, why not start the pre-sale one week after the tour announcement ?
  3. Another code on dec 28 will give you not another pre-sale tickets while the pre-sale ends saturday
  4. Here is a seat map http://www.mojo.nl/media/114334/u2-seatmap.png
  5. Tickets already for sale 700 euro each for Amsterdam !
  6. Congratulations, you must feel lucky !
  7. Ticketmaster overloeaded for the Amsterdam concerts, Belgium pre-sale site is doing fine...
  8. Nope... only for the North America shows... Are we sure about that? would be a bummer for some of us Europeans
  9. Latest news from the u2.com Zoo Mods twitter account: PRESALE CODE EMAIL INFO: eXperience going out in next couple hours iNNOCENCE GOING OUT TOMORROW - That is all , Baja 4:30 PM PST That was posted 23 min. ago, check https://twitter.com/U2comZooMods
  10. True, but that is not your paid membership I guess ?
  11. Usefull info on this link http://www.atu2.com/news/u2-innocence--experience-tour-2015-faq.html
  12. Regular sale? lol! Last tour, the tickets were sold in half an hour in France 8 minutes in Holland for the Amsterdam Arena (50.00 people) , now the ZiggoDome in Amsterdam , only 15000 people, so I'll think about 3 minutes ?
  13. No not true, you can buy 2 in pre-sale and 2 in general sale while you wont exceed the 4 ticket limit in general sale (or even maybe 8 because the 4 ticket limit is only on day 1 ? )
  14. The limit for presale is 2, the limit for the general sale is 4. But if you try and buy a set in the presale and another set in the general sale with the same credit card, they cancel all your tickets without notice. Only when you exceed the total of 4, so you can buy 2 in pre-sale and 2 for the same show in regular sale.
  15. That means 1 electric show and 1 acoustic show
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